The Rumble Fish 2: Online Play FAQ

It's bizarre to imagine that a game from 2005 would make its Western console debut more than a decade later. However, publisher 3goo has revived a lesser-known, though very influential, fighting game, The Rumble Fish 2. This cult classic won many fans due to its sharp mechanics and distinct two-gauge system. If you're a genre enthusiast, it's a piece of fighting game history worth checking out!

Besides arcade play and PC emulation, there haven't been many options to play TRF2. Online play has been limited to the Japanese Dreamcast ROM's Fightcade channel. So, what online features does this new console port bring to the table? And how do these features run? You'll find the answer to these questions and more below.


Q: What Online Modes Are There?

The Rumble Fish 2 has a small but straightforward assortment of online modes. You can access both through the Versus Mode Menu.

  • Quick Match: This is a ranked match mode in which players are matched according to skill level.
  • Invite To Play: This is a player match mode in which players can invite a friend into a two-player online lobby.

Q: Is There Anything I Need To Do To Start Ranked Play?

There's no significant barrier to participating in ranked matches. Unlike other modern fighting games, The Rumble Fish 2 does not have a round of placement matches players must complete before entering ranked play. Furthermore, there is no detailed fighter profile that you need to set up either. You'll be set to go as long as you have a stable internet connection and a subscription to your console's online service!

Q: How Does Online Play Run?

In summation, The Rumble Fish 2's online play, while barebones, runs well. The title uses a rollback netcode, which cuts down input delays by making predictions of the opponent's actions. If these predictions are incorrect, the match will promptly adjust accordingly. As a result, our time with The Rumble Fish 2 online has been smooth, without notable errors or lagging.

Q: How Do I Navigate The Online Rankings?

In addition to online multiplayer matches, The Rumble Fish 2 also lists online rankings for its various offline modes. First, open Rankings in the main menu. There is a controller guide located at the bottom of the rankings. You can navigate pages with the shoulder buttons and filter results by the following criteria:

  • By Mode:
    • Arcade
    • Time Attack
    • Survival
  • By Player:
    • Global
    • Players Near You
    • Friends
    • Additionally, you can review your online statistics (Win, Lose, and Draw) next to your gamer tag in the top-right corner of the main menu.

      Q: Will The Rumble Fish 2 Receive Online Updates?

      While The Rumble Fish 2's online experience is highly functional, players have cited many areas where the game could improve. For instance, Quick Match mode does not offer rematches, and the game returns to the title screen at the end of the match. Other features, like spectator viewing and replays, are absent as well. Of course, this begs the question: is there more to come in a future patch?

      In response to a review on Steam, a developer responded with the following:

      "Thank you for your review. A patch including following features is presently in development : replay online/offline, spectator Mode, Savable replay, additional practice mode setting, and more. We will look into strengthening the latency information. Stay tune[d]!"

      So we can confirm that a future patch is in development that will add more features to what many have considered a barebones experience.

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