The Witcher 3: Which Monsters To Hunt For Special Green Mutagens

Arguably the most useful Special Mutagens in The Witcher 3 are Special Green Mutagens. These relics will provide the player with +50 Vitality. Having them attached to other green abilities will increase that bonus to a whopping +200 Vitality.

For players that want this immense staying power its important to know which creatures to hunt to obtain them. There are a number of monsters in the game with some being far better than others for farming this elusive relic.

9 Arachas Mutagen

There are a number of Arachas in the game that drop Arachas Mutagens. Some are near the Druid’s Camp and others are in a cave tied to the Hidden in the Depths quest. A reliable source is the Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted which will drop this item. It’s important to hunt the Venemous variant.

These creatures are very dangerous, especially in groups. Goldon Oriole is absolutely essential to counteracting the poison. Insectoid Oil can help to bolster weapons and many players prefer fighting at a distance with Crossbows before committing to swords. When the gas bag on the insect’s back is empty they can no longer spray poison.

8 Ekimmara Mutagen

Ekimmaras can drop Special Green Mutagens when destroyed. They are terrifying foes that can regenerate their health quickly if left unchecked. An Ekimmara can be during the quests to obtain Griffin School Gear and Following the Thread. The Contract The Mystery of The Byways Murders is also a good source.

Ekimmara are very dangerous and it’s important to put them down quickly with Vampire Oil. Devil’s Puffball can help negate their regeneration a bit along with burning from Igni signs. Black Blood is a good failsafe but requires the beast to get its claws on the player to be effective.

7 Fiend Mutagen

Fiends can be farmed for Fiend Mutagens and there are a number of ways to find them. The most reliable are the quests The Isle of Mists, Scavenger Hunt for Wolf School Gear, and Bald Mountain. The one found in Return to Crookback Bog is weaker than the others. The Contract Missing Son can be done for a guaranteed Fiend.

Theses creatures are tough and having Relict Oil is a necessity. Devil’s Puffball can mitigate their regeneration and Samum bombs are great at stunning them. Signs are useless so the player should rely on swords and bombs to do the fighting.

6 Grave Hag Mutagen

Grave Hags are a rare and strong source of Special Green Mutagens. They appear in Velen and Skellige near mass graves. A reliable source for a Grave Hag is Mourntart found during the Contract The Merry Widow, though she’s stronger than the standard variety.

Necrophage Oil is a must when fighting these monstrosities. Yrden and Quen signs are also a major help in these fights. Parrying and counterattacking the claws and tongue is the name of the game. A good dose of Black Blood will also punish a Grave Hag that manages to get a hold of the player.

5 Griffin Mutagen

Griffins are a dangerous source of Special Green Mutagens. The player will get one automatically from killing the Royal Griffin in The Beast of White Orchard quest. Only Griffins and Royal Griffins will drop the mutagen.

It’s important to keep Griffins on the ground with Crossbows or Aard signs. The player should have plenty of Swallow Potions to offset the bleed from attacks, Quen is also helpful. Northern Wind bombs are also immensely useful to making the best vulnerable.

4 Nightwraith Mutagen

Nightwraiths will drop Special Green Mutagens when killed. They most commonly appear at night, though the occasional day-time Nightwraith can be found. The Contract Jenny o’ the Woods is a great source of Nightwraith Mutagens.

They can be tricky to fight as they can only be harmed when corporeal. Yrden or a Moon Dust bomb will force this transition. Silver Swords with Specter Oil can bring the spirit down once it’s vulnerable. It’s important to kill the doppelgangers that appear before they can absorb energy and regenerate the Nightwraiths heath.

3 Noonwraith Mutagen

The Noonwraith will drop the Noonwraith Mutagen when killed. Theses can be a great source of Special Green Mutagens as the Contracts Devil by the Well and The White Lady provides a reliable source for the spirit. Rarely a few can be encountered during the night when they are weakest, but most will appear during the day.

The same tactic to take down Nightwraiths apply with Noonwraiths. They need to be made corporeal with either a Yrden sign or Moon Dust bombs. Once in the physical realm a Silver Sword coated with Specter Oil will cut them down to size. Getting ride of the mirror images as soon as they appear is also very important.

2 Troll Mutagen

Troll Mutagens can be obtained from Trolls, Ice Trolls, and Rock Trolls. This makes them one of the best sources of Special Green Mutagens due to the number of Trolls found in all regions of the game. Trolls in particular are the most common and weakest of the three variants that drop the Mutagens.

Ogroid Oil is handy to have in supply as it works on all three Troll variants. Trolls cannot be parried or counter attacked making evasion and dodging key. Quen is helpful for staying alive while the player darts in and out of danger to get their strikes in.

1 Wraith Mutagen

Wraiths are perhaps the best source of Special Green Mutagens as they’re very common and every Wraith will drop a Mutagen. Wraiths appear in Velen, White Orchard, Skellige, and Toussaint. The Penitent from the Contract The Phantom Of Eldberg is another option though a very strong foe.

Wraiths can teleport short distances making fighting them a nightmare. Groups are similarly a troubling fight. The key is to force them into corporeal form using Yrden or Moon Dust bombs. Yrden is better as it temporarily strips away their teleporting ability. Specter Oil is worth it’s weight in gold as it’s hard to hit a Wraith and those hits need to count. They also drop a number of crafting components making farming them a lucrative act.

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