The Witcher: 7 Ways Geralt Changed Over The Series

Launching in 2007, The Witcher was CD Projekt Red's first foray into a fully-fledged RPG, including all the awkward bells and whistles. The Witcher 2 and 3 then launched, improving upon the original formula with updated missions, new characters, and better graphics.

But it's Geralt that the series has been following since the very beginning, and because of all the events he's been subjugated to, he's certainly evolved as a person – going from a Witcher fighting common bandits or Drowners to battling lethal world-ending threats. He's even taken on the most dangerous task of all; raising a child.

7 Involvement In Politics

Geralt often states his stance on politics and how he wishes for nothing to do with it, though still gets involved a ton. While being the case for the entire franchise, Geralt's involvement goes from zero to 100 between the events of The Witcher, with most of The Witcher 2 spent enthralled in politics. Geralt may not want to get involved, but he does all the time.

Geralt has a knack for putting himself in a tight spot by his willingness to help friends, which often puts him in more danger.

6 Overcoming Amnesia

Geralt has amnesia from the start of the first Witcher and pretty much up till the finale of The Witcher 2, explaining why he hardly ever mentions Yennefer, Ciri, or much of his life outside what others have told him. By The Witcher 3, amnesia no longer affects Geralt, meaning we have the best look at the true scope of Geralt and his backstory in the 2015 outing of the character.

Geralt's amnesia was a suitable story beat for not wanting to tackle specific parts of The Witcher story so early on. Still, the lack of amnesia in Witcher 3 makes for a story that allowed CD Projekt Red to explore more than just what is shown at face value.

5 His Connection To Yennefer

Yennefer unlike Triss makes her first appearance in The Witcher 3, boldly making an entrance proving to be a core part of Geralt's life. But to those only familiar with the games, it's strange how she never shows up in the first two. Because of Yennefer's surprise appearance, they can show a new side of Geralt and his need to be a parent.

Geralt's personality feels more open and free with Yennefer around, and their bond strengthens all the emotional beats during the game's story.

4 His Fighting Style

Geralt received all of his training at Kaer Morhen, but if you look at his fighting style in The Witcher compared to its sequels, its vastly different, looking nothing like the Geralt we know today. In the first game, Geralt swings his sword above his head, thrusting his sword haphazardly towards the enemy. In 2 and 3, the combat takes a much more tactical approach through parrying and blocking.

Geralt's swordplay in the original Witcher has become a bit of a meme now, and it's easy to see why with how silly it looks and how poorly it has aged. Of course, he's a skilled fighter in all the games, but at least as the story progressed, the visuals started to match his skill.

3 His Elevated Dislike Of Portals

Geralt has repeatedly shouted about his general dislike of portals, letting everyone who even begins a sentence with the letter "P" in on that fact. This has been around since the beginning though Geralt does mention it much more in The Witcher 3. This is probably because everyone and their mother is teleporting in the third installment. Yennefer, Ciri, The Wild Hunt, and practically every sorceress he meets along the way.

You'd think maybe Geralt would get used to the idea of portalling the more he does it, but no, actually it's the opposite. You have to commend him for sticking by his opinions.

2 New Battle Scars

One of the best things about Geralt's new scar he gains in the Hearts Of Stone DLC is how it opens up new dialogue avenues with specific characters. You can ask Ciri her thoughts on it, for example, or ask Yennefer if there's anything she can do to remove the scar. From those options alone, it seems that Geralt is quite conscious about his looks.

Another permanent etch Geralt can get on his skin is a tattoo on his neck that will roll over into the third game if you don't get it removed during the events of the second game; where it first appears.

1 Skills For Any Situation

Being a Witcher isn't just chopping off body parts and killing monsters; it's actually much more than that requiring skill sets that will work well with almost every tricky situation. Geralt's skills have come a long way since the simple tricks he had up his sleeve in his first video game outing.

Like how in the Witcher 3, there are a lot of chances to use signs to avoid fights or to try and persuade people rather than having it end in bloodshed. There's also the extra skill of being a pretty good play at Gwent for those still obsessed with that mini-game.

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