There’s A White Xbox Series X In Logitech’s New Ad

The second anniversaries of both PlayStation and Xbox's current-gen consoles are on the horizon. No news yet on how or even if either will be doing anything to mark the occasion. However, a previously unseen white version of the Series X has been spotted in a new Logitech ad showing off the Astro A30 gaming headset.

The white console can be seen on the shelf in the background of the ad to the right of a PS5 (via VGC). Pretty much everything in the ad is white which might mean the Series X was created specifically for Logitech so that it was in keeping with the rest of the tech on show. PS5s are already white, unlikely most previous PlayStation consoles, so wouldn't have been an issue.

Then again, if Logitech needed a current-gen white Xbox console there's the Series S. Microsoft is yet to reveal whether the Series X is a one-of-a-kind model or if the Logitech ad has offered up a first look at a new version it hasn't officially revealed just yet. So far the Series X has only been available to buy in black, though there have been special edition versions of the console available during its first two years.

A limited edition Series X to celebrate the arrival of Halo Infinite launched last year, but they sold out almost instantly. Epic also gave away an even scarcer Fall Guys-themed Series S to celebrate the game's arrival on Xbox. There have also been a number of new Xbox controllers launched in various different colors, including a white one very recently which may fuel the belief a matching console is on the way.

PlayStation has taken a different approach when it comes to the PS5. Rather than selling the console in different colors, it has started to make different cases available. The console's white exterior can be removed and replaced with various other cases, the latest of which was revealed to be grey camouflage, complete with matching DualSense and headset.

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