There’s Adorable New Footage Of The Yoshi’s Adventure Ride At Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is finally opening its doors in Japan next month and alongside a new TV advert, we’ve just received footage of one major attraction, Yoshi’s Adventure Ride.  Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo’s much-anticipated theme park is opening on February 4 in Japan, paying tribute to the Super Mario series. Posted directly to YouTube, it gives us a good look at just what this ride entails, and Yoshi fans are almost guaranteed to love it.

Lasting for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the video begins with a lovely throwback to Yoshi’s Story, utilizing music from this classic N64 adventure as it begins. Spinning gold coins are present in keeping with the games and fan-favorite characters are also joining us for the ride, including Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Captain Toad, and even Poochy, Yoshi’s adorable dog friend. Notable enemies can also be spotted, including Koopa Paratroopas, Pokeys, Pirahna Plants, and one of Yoshi’s primary antagonists, Kamek.

The new footage follows last month’s Super Nintendo World Direct presentation, which uniquely focused on the upcoming theme park with Universal Studios Japan as opposed to its usual format of showcasing upcoming game releases. Though several upcoming Nintendo games have been confirmed like Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, and New Pokémon Snap, their release dates remain largely unknown, as does Nintendo’s wider plans for 2021. Whilst we wait to hear more, this long-awaited theme park looks set to keep Japanese fans occupied in any downtime.

Thankfully, it’s not an experience limited to Japan either, and while they won’t launch until a later date, Nintendo and Universal Studios have three additional theme parks planned. Though that previous Direct and Yoshi’s Adventure Ride footage above focused on the Japanese theme park, Singapore is set to receive one too, alongside two additional Super Nintendo Worlds within the United States.

Planned to open in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida in the near future, we won’t be visiting these parks just yet until life returns to some level of normality, but we cannot wait to experience Super Nintendo World for ourselves.

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