There’s Already A FOV Fix For Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched today to resounding applause from fans. This remaster brought about various new settings and implementations such as adjustable subtitle size and a photo mode, but alas, no FOV slider. Fans have already remedied that.

Low FOV can make people nauseous and so not having the option to adjust can be a hurdle to get into a game – this has been an issue with both Resident Evil Village and now Mass Effect, but fans have fixed this issue twice over. The solution for Legendary Edition is a neat little Cheat Engine pack you can download for free.

Be wary, downloading Cheat Engine spams you with prompts for dodgy downloads, so be sure to hit decline on all, but with it downloaded, head to this guide from SteamLists and follow its instructions with its own installable package that lets you adjust the FOV remotely while in-game. So, if you have it up while reading this, you can quickly alter it to your liking without having to close Mass Effect down.

The Cheat Engine trick isn’t the best of solutions, and you’ll have to do it each time you boot up the game, but it’s something for now until either BioWare adds the option in an update or a mod comes out that does it permanently. This is the case for Mass Effect and Village as of now.

In the guide, it states to set the value of the FOV option to 0.01, but you can tweak that to your preference. Going higher heightens the FOV, but 0.02 is overkill. The value in the video above is 0.013 which is still a fairly significant leap from 0.01, so there’s a lot of wiggle room to find your sweet spot.

So, if you get nauseous at low FOVs or just want to be a bit more zoomed out, this is the current fix. Perhaps we’ll even see one that lets us adjust the UI’s size in the future, but given that Mass Effect Legendary Edition only just released today, it could be a little wait before fans figure that one out.

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