This Blue Mop Is Plaguing Evil Dead: The Game Players

A blue mop is tricking players into thinking they've found rare gear in Evil Dead: The Game

Similarly to other asymmetric multiplayer games, Evil Dead: The Game features a loot system that has players exploring the map to find weapons of varying quality. As you might expect, this quality is mainly indicated by the colour of the weapon, with no colour meaning Common, blue meaning Rare, purple meaning Epic, and gold marking something as Legendary.

Despite this similar grading system, Evil Dead: The Game can be pretty stingy with its rare weapons, meaning that even finding something with a blue hue is a big deal. The relationship between the colour blue and the exciting feeling of finding a rare weapon is being turned on players, however, as one blue mop found in the Lucky Valley Lodge is tricking unsuspecting players.

The blue mop can be found in the corner of the Lucky Valley Lodge, where it sits up against the wall. In a game as dark as Evil Dead, you're often relying on your flashlight and running around dark spaces, hoping to see a flash of colour out of the corner of your eye. This blue mop shines so brightly that many are mistaking it for a Rare sword or shotgun leaning up against the wall, only to find something they can't use.

This common mistake was pointed out by Redditor Khalednazari92 on the Evil Dead: The Game subreddit, where they shared a screenshot of the mop and said, "This mop gets me everytime! Petition to make mop a weapon", before quickly becoming one of the most upvoted comments of the week. Other Redditors agreed that it had tricked them, although some thought it was a ping from a player or a Shemp's Cola in the distance. I can confirm that I've been tricked by it every time I run into Lucky Valley Lodge.

Considering how full of tricks Evil Dead: The Game is, it's not clear whether the mop is coloured such a bright blue on purpose, or if it's simply been put there without the thought that players might think it's a gun. Either way, it seems to be tricking just about everyone, and it's pretty bloody funny.

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