This Elden Ring Player Has Helped 2,000 People Defeat The Final Boss

Elden Ring is a tough game at the best of times, so you can imagine how difficult its final bosses are. However, one player has turned her ability to blast through the Elden Beast into a much-needed service, specializing in helping struggling players beat the game that has got the best of so many of us before.

LetMeSoloThem, taking inspiration from the legendary LetMeSoloHer, has now helped 2,000 players beat the final boss – all while wearing nothing except a jar on her head. And better yet, the so-called "Jarnished" shows no sign of slowing down, still offering to help any Xbox players in need.

Using the Reddit handle supersaiyanvidel, LetMeSoloThem took to r/EldenRing to celebrate her milestone, thanking all the players that have hosted her at the end of their playthroughs.

"I'm honoured by the 4,000-5,000 that have summoned me for their final battle in Elden Ring," she says. "Thank you to the 2,000 Tarnished who allowed me to call them lord. To the folks I couldn't protect and those who I've failed, I'm truly sorry! But it was an honour to fight alongside you all nonetheless!"

In the replies, LetMeSoloThem makes it clear that her services aren't going anywhere, offering to help any Xbox players in need.

She also bigs up LetMeSoloHer, revealing that she's not the only one following in his footsteps. "He is a legend in our community!" she says. "He has inspired a lot of us to take up the Jarnished legacy and help others."

So, next time you're stuck on a boss in Elden Ring, it might be worth seeing if there's a Jarnished around to help you out. Sure, their lack of armour might concern you, but they'll more than make up for it in pure determination. All in all, Reddit user Rum_Ham94 puts it best: "Not all heroes wear capes… some wear jars."

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