This Week In Overwatch 2: Microtransaction Surveys, DPS And Tank Queues, And Moderation Issues

It's soon going to be a month since Overwatch 2 launched, and like with any class based multiplayer shooter, balancing is always being worked on. However, even though it's not been too long since launch, players are already starting to complain that regardless of updates, certain Heroes are still imbalanced and waiting periods are too long. It has also already had its fair amount of controversy, and that's rarely ever a good thing.

Survey Asks Players How They Feel About Overwatch 2's Microtransactions

I think it's pretty clear that nobody likes microtransactions. Mostly because introducing them to a game, especially one that's free-to-play, often results in progression being skewed to compensate for it. Overwatch 2 surely has some of those issues, with Coins taking too long to unlock, resulting in players having to spend real money to unlock new skins.

So, it seems Blizzard has sent out a survey to a few players to ask them what they think of the microtransactions, and why they haven't spent any money yet. They're mostly multiple choice questions asking players why they primarily bought the Premium Battle Pass, and to elaborate on the reasoning if they've not bought anything at all.

Queue Times For DPS And Tank Players Are More Than Ten Minutes

There's always an issue that comes before microtransactions for multiplayer games, and it's one that almost every one of them suffers from – long queue times to get into games. While in the best of cases, you might not get into a game on the day it launches. Sometimes these issues can go on for months, and may require server upgrades.

Overwatch 2, however, is facing a unique issue, where the queue times for DPS and Tank are over ten minutes, but only around two minutes if you pick Support. It seems that nobody wants to help their team out from the sidelines.

Overwatch 2 Draws Controversy For "Sexual Assault Simulator," Other Custom Game Modes

The third point in the multiplayer game holy-trinity is moderation, especially if a game caters to minors as well as adults. Reports recently emerged that there were certain Overwatch 2 servers that weren't moderated properly, as they had inappropriately themed custom games modes like "Sexual Assault Simulator".

"Do not let your children play Overwatch 2," said a Twitter user who came across this. “My 12 year old son found custom games within it, one called 'Sexual Harassment' and one game that simulated the female characters being raped. Thankfully my son realized it was bad, closed the game, and told me. Don't play.”

Bug Launches Player Out Of The Map And Into Another Game

This is perhaps one of the weirdest bugs you've ever seen. We've all been disconnected from games before, that's nothing new; however, D.Va players have been experiencing a very unusual phenomenon that's hard to explain.

When D.Va players are charged or knocked out of their mech, they seem to fly out of bounds and even manage to land into another map entirely. That's got to be one hell of a hit.

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