THQ Nordic Teases New South Park Game

THQ Nordic has teased a new South Park game. This news came at the very end of its Digital Showcase, meaning it would only be spotted by eagle-eyed viewers who stayed around after the stream ended.

We have next to nothing to go by right now, with the teaser simply showing pixelated avatars of the main cast. A disembodied voice makes fun of fans who want to hear more, only for the teaser to end abruptly.

"As of today, THQ Nordic (HandyGames not included) has 43 games in development", a graphic at the end of the stream reads. "Thereof 26 still unannounced AFTER this showcase. Thanks for watching!"

Then, the 26 was scribbled out, and the screen faded to black. That's when the teaser played, showing the main gang from South Park, and featuring a voiceover that says "oh it's coming". We then return to the previous screen, replacing the 26 with 25 unannounced games.

THQ Nordic's social media is yet to acknowledge the reveal. It only came after the showcase had already ended, likely meaning many viewers had already tuned out. It remains to be seen if the publisher gives us any more information to go on, or whether this is all we'll get until a trailer is eventually ready – for whatever the hell this project even is.

Earlier this year, we did find out that developer Question is working on its own South Park game. However, the studio is now owned by THQ Nordic, so this is unlikely to be the one the stream is referring to, unless it has publishing rights. The fact that there are possibly two South Park games in development at different studios right now suggests that the team behind the cartoon are looking to distance themselves from their partnership with Ubisoft, which brought us The Stick of Truth and The Fractured but Whole

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