TikTok Is Reportedly Making A Push Into Gaming

It seems TikTok can't make up its mind when it comes to video games. For a while now the social media platform has been testing the waters to take a plunge into a video games space – in May we reported that TikTok had been testing HTML5 games in Vietnam. And, while there was no additional information at the time, such a test usually indicates big plans in the future. However, in early September, we learnt that TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, was "aggressively downsizing" its games division. And now, yet again, TikTok has publicly revealed its intent to get into the gaming space.

According to a report by the Financial Times (paywall), the company will soon be launching a channel dedicated to gaming, within the app (thanks, NME). The channel will reportedly have a dedicated tab on the app's homepage, via which users will be able to access a channel of games “where ads can be served and users can pay for additional content”.

Insiders claim that the channel will be officially revealed at TikTok's first ever gaming event called TikTok Made Me Play It. The event will be streamed live on November 2, and feature speakers representing the likes of 2K Games and EA. "The future of gaming is here—and it’s happening on TikTok. Join us to discover why TikTok is the gaming industry’s #1 gateway to growth. Featuring top gaming publishers & TikTok Creators," reads the description for the event.

ByteDance seems to be following a formula similar to that of Netflix, which has added a gaming tab to the homepage of its mobile app. It seems these apps are looking to become holistic entertainment platforms by including video games into their already vast content libraries. Who knows, perhaps after Elon Musk's takeover, Twitter will also start letting you play games alongside your rubbish takes.

Last month, the Taliban declared that TikTok, along with PUBG, would be banned in Afghanistan. Apparently, both these platforms mislead the country's youth, according to the fanatical organisation that carries around assault rifles, believes in oppressing women, and dishes out capital punishment wherever it sees fit.

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