Titanfall 2, The Best FPS Ever Made, Is 75 Percent Off On Steam – Just Buy It Already

This is not a drill. Titanfall 2, the best shooter ever made, EVER, is now 75% off on Steam. That puts it at just $7.49 USD, which is the cheapest it has ever been on the platform. If you haven’t yet purchased this game, please do so now.

Titanfall is on sale as part of a big EA event on Steam. You can also find Crysis 3 and a bunch of Battlefield games for super cheap, but those are mostly irrelevant in comparison to the awesome grandeur that is Titanfall 2.

You’ve probably heard this all before because people who’ve played Titanfall 2 have only been saying it for five years now, but we’re still going to keep saying it until you all listen. Titanfall 2 is a game that not only holds up even when compared to modern games, but it still crushes them beneath a giant robot’s metal foot.

Towering above everything is the cinema-quality storytelling. Right after the tutorial, Titanfall 2’s story grips you in a desperate fight to save the planet, going from ground-pounding space marine to robot-piloting, rocket-powered super soldier in the first 20 minutes. And then it’s just goosebumps for the next five to eight hours, depending on how quickly you familiarize yourself with Titanfall 2’s movement mechanics.

Oh, and those mechanics are probably some of the best and most fluid movement you’ll ever get in a first-person shooter. Titanfall 2 didn’t invent wallrunning in video games, but it did perfect it to a state where you’ll be sorely disappointed whenever you try a different shooter and you find out that you can’t just run along a wall to traverse half the map.

Titanfall 2 even gives you a giant pet robot that you’ll fall in love with before the end of the game.

Aggregate Steam user reviews put Titanfall 2 at a 96%, which makes it one of the highest-rated games on the platform, and critical reviews from years ago are also all in agreement: Titanfall 2 is fantastic. You need to play it, and you need to play it now.

You don’t need to have played the original Titanfall to get everything you’ll ever need out of Titanfall 2, but if you insist on playing the games in order, you can get the Titanfall bundle for 68% off.

Prefer to do your gaming on Xbox? Great news: Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get Titanfall 2 for just $2.99. Even at $19.99 on Microsoft’s Store, it’s still a great deal.

Here’s the Steam link for Titanfall 2 just one more time.

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