Today’s Wordle answer is extra hard and fans think it's unfair

The Wordle meltdown has continued into a third day and this time the problem isn’t two answers or obscure words – just a really hard one.

Wordle’s honeymoon period is well and truly over, and fans are starting to turn against it, with the third controversy in a row marring today’s puzzle.

On Tuesday the problem was there was two different answers, thanks to The New York Times fiddling with the word list, and yesterday players complained that the answer was too obscure. Today the problem is that it’s too hard, because it’s so difficult to guess even once you have four of the letters.

We won’t spoil what today’s answer is until after the advert below but if you don’t end up getting it without our advice then don’t worry, as you’re not the only one.

Ever since The New York Times bought Wordle fans have suspected that the game is getting harder, although many think that’s a coincidence as there’s no evidence that the newspaper has done anything but remove rude or obscure words from the list of possible answers, which should in theory make it easier.

Even so, there were a lot of complaints about yesterday’s answer being caulk, a relatively obscure DIY material that is usually spelt as ‘calk’ in the US.

Today’s answer is… ‘shake’, which is obviously a very ordinary word but it’s actually very difficult to get when you’ve only got a few guesses.

The problem is that most people can get the ‘s’, ‘h’, ‘a’, and ‘e’ in the right order but there are so many words it could still be (shape, share, shade, shame, shave, and shale to name but a few) that many end up losing anyway.

This once again brings into question how exactly Wordle’s answers are curated, as it’s not just a question of whether a word is too obscure but whether it actually works as a fair puzzle or not, which is not immediately obvious from just looking at it.

Whether The New York Times is going to vet answers more carefully in the future remains to be seen but if not they could end up losing a lot of players…

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