Tom Hiddleston Said Shapeshifting Loki Logo Hints At "The Many Selves" Of His Character

Tom Hiddleston, known for his Loki performance in the MCU films since 2011, shed some light on what to expect from the next Marvel show. The actor hinted fans can already learn a lot about the story just by paying attention to the Loki shapeshifting logo.

Marvel has so far totally nailed it with its new Disney+ shows, such as WandaVision and Falcon And Winter Soldier. The upcoming Loki series is on track to launch in June, bringing back a fan-favorite MCU character, who escapes his fate in Avengers: Endgame. While viewers may know the Loki show will be dedicated to cops of time and reality from The Time Variance Authority, the project carries some heavy surprises related to the trickster himself and his multifaceted identity.

Speaking to Empire, Tom Hiddleston revealed there is definitely the reason for the show’s logo to constantly change and restore itself in the released trailers and other promo materials. According to the actor, “Loki is the quintessential shapeshifter” to the point MCU fans still don’t know whether he’s a hero, a villain, or an anti-hero. Hiddleston said the Loki show is about “the character’s identity, who tries to integrate the disparate fragments of the many selves that he can be.” Hiddleston explains Loki is a very complex construct, and that’s what makes him interesting and exciting.

“I can’t believe I’m still playing this character, who became a huge part of my life,” the British actor admitted. Loki’s death was a heavy hit for the fans at the very beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, especially when Thanos said “this time there will be no resurrections.” Yet during Endgame events, Loki got his chance to escape with the Tesseract and rewrite his own path. This means Loki the fans will see in the upcoming series will not be the same we know from Thor: Ragnarok.

According to some theories, during the show’s events, the protagonist will have to hunt down many other Lokis, who appears in the timeline he accidentally rewrites. One of them is believed to be Lady Loki played by Sophia Di Martino.

Loki will premiere on Disney+ on June 11. The show is MCU’s debut for Owen Wilson, who played TWA’s Mobius M. Mobius.

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