Tomb Raider Collection rumoured for all major consoles, probably fake

An anonymous ‘leak’ claims that a Tomb Raider Collection is to be released next month, but how believable is it?

It’s been a couple of years now since Lara Croft’s last adventure, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, released, acting as the conclusion to the modern reboot trilogy that began in 2013.

In the meantime, we haven’t really heard anything about what Square Enix has planned for the series in the future, aside from there being a sequel to the movie reboot from 2018 in development.

However, a new rumour that has begun to circulate suggests that, while not a new game, Square Enix has big plans for the action adventure heroine, namely a collection of games.

The image seems to have originated on 4chan, which is never a good sign, and is presumably meant to be a leaked advertisement for the collection.

Titled ‘Tomb Raider: The Ultimate Experience’, the graphic boasts the tagline ‘Relive Lara’s greatest adventures in one ultimate package,’ with a release date of 27 August.

Not only that, but it will apparently release on all major platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Switch, and Stadia.

It doesn’t indicate what games will be included, though the images at the top seem to represent the three different eras of Lara’s career, specifically her early PlayStation 1 days, the late 2000s, and the modern reboot era.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is. Anybody with decent enough Photoshop skills could easily have made this and the lack of a source makes this more dubious than most other ‘leaks.’ Even fans on Twitter barely believe it.

The one bit of evidence that could potentially support this is a trademark for T.R.U.E. Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience, which was first made in 2018 and then recently renewed in June this year, as spotted by Nintendo Life.

Trademarks on their own aren’t confirmations, however, and considering it has existed since 2018, it’s possible that someone simply spotted it and decided to make a fake leak based on the name.

Square Enix has stated that it will be announcing new titles throughout July and August in lieu of an E3 style online presentation, so it’s possible we’ll see something Tomb Raider related soon.

For the time being, though, this collection should be treated as more of a pipe dream than an actual possibility.

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