Triangle Strategy: Chapter 7, Part 2 – Not A Word, My Friend Walkthrough

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  • Side Story: Telliore Streets
  • Side Story: Falkes Streets
  • Side Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Exploration Event: Castle Wolffort
  • Combat Event: Castle Wolffort
  • Side Story: Telliore Streets
  • Side Story: Falkes Streets
  • Side Story: Citadel Of The Sands
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort

If you made the decision to protect Prince Roland from the Aesfrosti forces, you'll end up in this version of Triangle Strategy's seventh chapter. As payment for your moralism, you get to play through one of the hardest fights in the game featuring General Avlora herself.

There's a lot going on in this chapter, from multiple different plotting characters to another exploration event that has you introduced to some of Castle Wolfforts devious secrets. And then, of course, the big battle. Let us guide you through them.

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Side Story: Telliore Streets

Silvio learns of the plan to shelter Prince Roland, and starts hatching his own plans.

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Landroi also learns of the plan and is emboldened by the show of brave loyalty.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

We check in on the Mean Twins as they discuss events in their usual, mean fashion.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Anna reports that the forces marching on Castle Wolffort are led by General Avlora herself. This incites Roland's rage, understandably.

Exploration Event: Castle Wolffort

Benedict fully reveals the secret of Wolffort's secret defense mechanisms, something you may have learned about in the exploration event of the previous part. It turns out that the hawk statues dotted around the town are actually able to trigger flaming oil attacks. While these would destroy the nearby houses, they also provide a huge boon to defenders.

This event serves to let you investigate exactly how these statues will work, but there are also items and such to collect.

There are three hawk statues in the town:

  • One is located up the stone stairs near the gate.
  • One is located on the middle level just outside the house near the castle wall.
  • One is located on the middle level next to Geela.

Items, Notes, And Information

Large HP Recovery Pellet x2In the house near Erador.
FirestoneOn the brazier next to the gate.
FirestoneInside the house up the stairs next to the gate.
Red ScarfInside the house next to a hawk statue.
400 CoinsNext to a stall on the middle level.
1,000 CoinsInside the house behind the Merchant.
Lord Silvio's LoyaltySpeak to Erador.
Glenbrook's Three High HousesSpeak to Benedict.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Roland
I understand how you feel, but now is not the time for revenge.Morality
Then I'll not stand in your way. Avlora is yours.Liberty
Pray calm yourself, Roland. You needn't fight this battle alone – let us aid you.Utility
Conviction Conversation: Anna
I will offer them, due compensation if we triumph. If we fail, then all was lost from the start.Utility
Prince Roland is my friend. I must protect him, come what may.Morality
We must put down any threat to our demesne and our people.Liberty


This is one of the exploration events with a merchant. Remember, you can always head into your Encampment and take part in mental mock battles if you need some more coins.

Large HP Recovery Pellet5005
Ranged HP Recovery Pellet7501
Ranged Firestone6001
Ranged Icestone6001
Ranged Windstone6001
Oil Jug10010
Accuracy Ring1,5001
Evasion Ring1,5001
Speed Ring1,5001

Combat Event: Castle Wolffort

This is probably the hardest battle that you can take on at this point, and it's not only because of Avlora and her towering strength. While you do have the option of using those hawk statue traps to make the fight a little easier, there is something you should know if you're going for a perfect playthrough of the game:

Using the hawk traps in this battle will make it impossible to get the golden ending. If you want that ending, you will need to beat Avlora and her forces normally.

With that said, get ready for a tough fight either way. We recommend stocking up on recovery items and if you don't have Corentin or Narve, Icestones from the Merchant during the exploration event.

Battle Overview

Recommended Level11
EnemiesAvlora, 3x Aesfrosti Bowman, 2x Aesfrosti Blade, 2x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer, 2x Aesfrosti Battlemage
ReinforcementsOn the first turn: 2x Aesfrosti Blade, 1x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer
Second batch: 2x Aesfrosti Bowman, 2x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer
Third batch: 3x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer, 1x Aesfrosti Blade, 1x Aesfrosti Bowman
DeploymentDeployment Limit: 10 Units
Mandatory Units: Serenoa
Recommended Units: Hughette, Rudolph, Julio, Medina
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
Spoils1x Silver
1x Medal of Bravery
Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5) if you use the hawk statues.
★★★★★ (5/5) if you decide not to use the hawk statues.

You should decide early on if you want to use the hawk statues or not as the majority of your foes start in the midst of one.

Castle Wolffort Battle Strategy

A few of the optional characters shine really well in this battle. Of note is Narve, the young mage – his Icy Breath spell can be used to cover large areas of ground in ice, which will slow down your enemies' advance. Use this to collect your foes in one area and whittle them down quickly.

Hossabara is also a good unit here thanks to her area of effect healing skills. A lot of the fighting in this map takes place in the narrow streets between houses.

The hawk traps will instantly kill any soldiers caught in them, which will reduce the overall numbers on the field… until you realize that doing so will also make some reinforcements arrive earlier than they normally would.

That said, luring Avlora into one of the traps is the easiest way to deal with her. She's extremely tough to beat otherwise.

If you do not activate the traps, the reinforcements will still arrive, but you'll have more time to prepare and set up the field however you want. It's for this reason that it's probably easier to take on this battle without using the hawk statues unless you can use one of them to finish Avlora off without fighting her normally.

If you have an Uninvigorating Spice, it would be a good idea to chuck it at Avlora. Even with the damage reduction, she will be a very tough cookie to crack. Not only does she have an accessory equipped that makes her immune to status ailments, but her Desperate Strike passive makes her even stronger when she's below 50 percent HP.

If you decide to take her on normally, a good strategy is to surround her with your bulkier units so that she can't move. Keep the surrounding units healed and strike at Avlora with your ranged characters. You might lose a few in the process, but you should have enough firepower to beat her.

Frederica is once again the MVP of the battle if you use her well. You should definitely invest in her weapon upgrade that boosts her fire damage when there are clear skies. She will be one-shotting or severely damaging most enemies with even Scorch, let alone Blazing Chains in this battle. She will also be capable of dealing the most damage to Avlora with the latter skill.

If you have Julio recruited, it's a smart idea to keep him near Frederica, topping her off with TP when she needs it.

The key to winning this battle without taking too many casualties and risking being overwhelmed is to take it slow and steady. Don't be tempted to rush Avlora or set Erador in the middle of the map to draw fire – you'll get surrounded and bested. Instead, advance slowly and heal whenever you can.

It is also possible to cheese this entire battle with Hughette. Once you've defeated the Aesfrosti Bowmen and Battlemages, set Hughette up on the roof of a house that normal characters cannot reach. She can spend the entire battle shooting her foes knowing that they'll never be able to reach her. It's cheesy, but it works.

Once the battle is over, you'll get your spoils.

  • Use the Silver to upgrade a character's weapon.
  • Use the Medal of Bravery to promote a character from Recruit to Veteran. This will give them more skills and a higher TP cap.

Side Story: Telliore Streets

Silvio learns of the Wolffort victory and decides to send a bird. To whom? We'll find out shortly.

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Landroi also learns the news, but he's a lot more joyous about it.

Side Story: Citadel Of The Sands

Rounding out our trio of news-learners, Sorsley discusses Wolffort's victory with Booker.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Amidst talk of post-battle medical aid and reconstruction work, Benedict bends Serenoa's ear and discusses what their next steps should be. He sets his sights on Hyzante and shares his concerns over Telliore and Falkes.

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