Ubisoft Officially Confirms Project Q Following Gameplay Leak

Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q following a gameplay leak yesterday.

Last year, Project Q appeared alongside some other Ubisoft games in a massive Nvidia leak, although it wasn't known at the time what the game actually was. Just yesterday, Tom Henderson leaked that Project Q is a PvP arena game with a battle royale mode that resembles a mix between Fortnite and Knockout City, which was then followed up with a leaked video from the game's alpha playtest.

In a surprising move, Ubisoft has decided to acknowledge the leak and confirm that Project Q is in development. In a Tweet, it said, "So, we heard you heard… ‍Introducing codename “Project Q”, a team battle arena letting players truly own the experience! The game is in early development and we will keep testing, so for now all you can do is register for upcoming tests. By the way, this is not a Battle Royale. The game will feature a variety of PvP modes with one single goal in mind: FUN!"

It seems that Ubisoft decided to announce the game in response to the reports that focused on it being a battle royale, as it still hasn't confirmed Project Pathfinder, which was leaked much earlier in the month. Ubisoft describes it here as being more like a platform for several different types of game modes, with a battle royale just being one of them. The leak from yesterday confirmed two modes, one resembling Hardpoint and the other being the battle royale.

The leaked gameplay footage for Project Q showed off the game's battle royale mode and has it looking strikingly similar to Fortnite. The main difference here seems to be that the weapons and items are all a bit more silly, with weapons including firework launchers, a deck of cards, hammers, paint guns, and more. Early feedback from the playtest has reportedly been pretty positive, with players noting that it's very clearly still early in development but that it can be a lot of fun when you unlock some of its weirder weapons.

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