Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves PC Port To Release In October, According To SteamDB

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves has been available for PS5 owners to purchase since January, yet PlayStation's promised PC port is still nowhere to be seen. With no release date, fans have been looking towards Steam's backend for hints of when Nathan Drake will finally make the leap to PC, and fans discovered a date in SteamDB of July 15. However, that date has now changed, adding to the confusion and worry felt by fans.

First spotted by someone on ResetEra, if you head on over to the SteamDB page for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves you'll see the game's initial release date now has a big red line through it with a new date of October 19 sat next to it. It's worth noting that release dates on SteamDB aren't that reliable and are sometimes just placeholders, but if these dates are at least kind of accurate, it does suggest the port may have been delayed internally. Either that, or it could be Sony simply changing the date now the port is further along in development.

Even though the date of October 19 is rather specific for it to be a placeholder, it's probably best not to put too much faith on this being the actual release date. Still, it's a little odd that the game's SteamDB release date has been changed, and the uncertainty surrounding the port has fans a little worried, with some concerned about the port being handled by Iron Galaxy, the same developer behind the disastrous PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight. Seeing as though the port is still planned for a 2022 release date, it won't be too long before we get an official update from Sony.

In other Uncharted-related news, if you've still not watched the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland, it's going to become much easier to do so pretty soon. Uncharted is set to debut on Netflix on July 15, although it will only be available in the US to begin with.

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