US Senator Calls Out Bobby Kotick Over Raven Software Union Busting

Activision Blizzard, the company that hired a law firm known for union busting, has recently been participating in behaviour that can only really be described as union busting. This includes suddenly moving QA workers to departments such as marketing, which many are claiming is an attempt to dilute the calls for unionization, putting the most vocal workers in less organized departments.

These actions have now become so egregious that it's caught the attention of a US senator, who has written to Bobby Kotick in support of the workers. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin has told Kotick that he should cease efforts to "undermine [his] employees' right to form a union and collectively bargain." She also makes it clear that she is following the case, and is aware of the recent reports surrounding the company.

Baldwin opens the letter explaining that she is "disturbed" by the recent reports of union busting at Raven, which is based in Wisconsin. She calls on Kotick to start negotiating with workers "in good faith".

"I am troubled by reports that describe significant changes to the organizational chart at Raven-announced by management shortly after the union drive began", says Baldwin. "These changes scatter quality assurance testers throughout the company, embedding them in inappropriate departments, possibly in an attempt to frustrate efforts by the testers to form a bargaining unit comprised only of quality assurance testers."

Baldwin has also shared the letter with Microsoft, making it clear to Activision Blizzard's new owners that she is following the case.

While Kotick continues to oversee efforts that make it harder for workers to organize, he isn't likely to remain in his own position for much longer. It has been widely reported that he will leave Activision Blizzard once the merger with Microsoft has gone through – although not without an absurd amount in compensation. Even before that, he's likely to have his usual high wage approved this summer, as it has been revealed that he can have his big bonuses back if company higher-ups feel that some progress has been made in combating workplace abuse,

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