V Rising: How To Get Quartz

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Creating the best gear in V Rising will require endgame materials, notably Scourgestone and Dark Silver Ingots. Creating these materials will require a large reserve of Glass, something you can create by refining Quartz scattered across Vardoron.

Quartz is one of V Rising's rarer natural materials, yet there are a few spawn locations for this resource you can farm. This guide will showcase a good spot for farming Quartz in the mid-game, and we'll showcase how you can convert Quartz into some of V Rising's endgame materials.

Best Place To Find Quartz In V Rising

You'll find most of your Quartz from the Dunley Farmlands, notably Dawnbreak Village. Late-game zones also have Quartz, but you'll likely be in the Dunley Farmlands by the time you'll need Quartz and Glass.

In Dawnbreak Village, you'll want to head to an isolated building at the northwest end of the village. Three Quartz clusters are guaranteed to spawn here. Beware of the enemies that guard the area, as they can easily kill you if you're undergeared. Harvest the Quartz, farm another resource for a day or two, then return here to repeat. You can find additional Quartz scattered across the Farmlands and other late-game zones, so keep your eyes peeled.

As for other farming locations, you can find Quartz in the Dunley Monastery and Mosswick Village in the Dunley Farmlands. It can also spawn in the Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills areas.

How To Use Quartz In V Rising

Quartz can be refined into Glass through the use of a Furnace. The process looks something like this:

  1. Harvest 15 Quartz and place it in a Furnace.
  2. Wait for it to convert into Glass.
  3. Use the Glass to create Scourgestone and other endgame materials.

Glass isn't just used for windows. This resource is required for creating V Rising's late-game items. You'll need tons of Glass to create Scourgestone and Dark Silver Ingots, so harvest Quartz caches whenever you find them. With how rare Glass is, it's best to farm for Quartz and make Glass yourself to get access to these late-game materials.

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