VALORANT Bug Allowing Omen Players To Teleport Through Spawn Barriers

Yet another bug has made its way to VALORANT’s servers, and this one is a game breaker.

Patch 1.07 brought massive changes to multiple VALORANT agents, strongly nerfing Sage and buffing Breach. Everyone’s favorite purple ghost, Omen, also received an unintended buff that threatens to ruin competitive play if not fixed soon.

In the past, Omen has been the cause of several glitches, usually revolving around his teleporting ability, Shrouded Step. During the beta, Omen was able to teleport out of the map and into solid walls, allowing him to plant the Spike in locations where defenders physically would not be able to defuse it.

Shrouded Step is, yet again, the source of VALORANT’s newest bug. Omen can now warp through spawn barriers, specifically the defenders’ A Short barrier on Bind. If an Agent with vertical mobility, such as Jett or Raze, is standing on top of the boxes at A Short (the ones that are split in half by the barrier) and Omen Shrouded-Steps between them and the spawn barrier, his teammate can push him into restricted territory.

Once an Omen passes through the barrier, they are free to walk around the previously inaccessible area between the defenders’ and attackers’ spawn barriers. Here, they can position themselves in unexpected locations. This gives defenders complete control of A Short, making it incredibly difficult for the attacking team to push onto the site. Not only that, but flanking from A to B on Bind is now even faster and more effective than before.

Taking into consideration how crafty and slippery Omen already is, thanks to his blind, smokes, and teleportation, this bug has turned him into an even larger threat. Defenders already have a general advantage over attackers, as it is much easier to hold a choke point than it is to push through one.

Theoretically, this glitch could be reproduced on other maps, but so far the community has only been able to warp through the spawn barrier on Bind. Both attackers and defenders would benefit greatly from being able to get a head start during a round, and if Omen is not fixed soon, his pickrate is going to see a nice boost.

It is never a good idea to exploit bugs and glitches in competitive modes, and Riot has previously disabled characters and maps in the ranked rotation while they fixed similar problems. It is a possibility that Omen could disappear for a few days while the developers strengthen the durability of Bind’s spawn barriers.

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