Vampire Survivor Devs Made A Mobile Port Because Copies "Forced Our Hand"

Vampire Survivors was an indie hit last year, earning itself the bronze medal in TheGamer's own game of the year rankings. It got an iOS and Android port last month, but developer Poncle had originally wanted to release it much earlier. Predatory business partners slowed it down, then carbon copies of the game forced its hand and led to the mobile version being developed in-house.

As reported by, developer Luca Galante made a post on the game's Steam page explaining everything. "I started to look for a business partner to work on a mobile version of the game. Unfortunately, nobody I spoke with was on board with the monetization I had in mind for the platform: non-predatory."

It doesn't seem like the team were in a rush to get the mobile version out until clones started appearing. "Months passed by and a large number of actual clones – not "games like Vampire Survivors", but actual 1:1 copies with stolen code, assets, data, progression – started to appear everywhere. This forced our hand to release the mobile game ASAP, and put a lot of stress on the dev team that wasn't even supposed to worry about mobile in the first place."

Galante wrote that he didn't want to cut people out by making the game paid, but also didn't want predatory ads and monetisation. What we're left with is a game where you can choose to watch an ad to revive your character if you die, and you can watch one at the end of a run to increase how much gold you earned.

Development is still ticking along, cloud saves, save transfers, and maybe even save merging are coming but may take some time, and "We're still working on bug fixes for mobile, but are having trouble finding some specific devices to recreate some of the niche but worse bugs (like invisible enemies wtf) so I'm sorry it's taking longer than usual to fix them, but we're working on it and have been scouting even the dodgiest possible places to find the devices we need."

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