Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 11 Part 2 – Find Server Room Walkthrough

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Emem is still trying to find the server room when you get back to her, but she has hit a bit of a snag. There are S.A.D soldiers everywhere, and she needs to find a way past them. This is another fairly short and straightforward Scene compared to earlier scenes in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. That being said, there are some side things you can do to uncover information on the Court’s traitor.

This Scene is mostly a stealth puzzle and is the closest Swansong gets to having an actual combat segment with gameplay. Because it’s so linear, we won’t be detailing every step to complete the Scene. We will, however, be covering all the key moments to help you get through the puzzles and locks.

Where To Find The Fan Control Key

The first challenge Emem faces is the air conditioning – or lack of it. There are three guards on this level, and Emem must eliminate them all if she is to progress. The catch is that Emem can’t fight them all at once. For this, she needs a distraction – hence the air conditioning.

The system is locked, however, and Emem can’t operate it without finding a key first. The key can be found by moving past the fan control unit and heading into the elevator shaft. In a toolbox, there is the control key. Take this back to the fans, and you can start messing with them.

How To Kill All The Guards

Once you have access to the fans, you can start luring the guards away from their posts. On the control panel, press the button 12, and a guard will move to the room to your left. Go to the hatch, and then perform a stealth kill.

Go back to the control system, and push the button 11. Another guard will move, and this time, he will move to the room to your right. Stealth kill him.

The final guard will get suspicious as nobody has reported back, and will move to the room to the far right of the control unit. Take him out, and you are free to kill the agent in the room directly opposite you. You can then explore the area, or leave.

How To Unlock The Safe

There is an especially trick safely in this level that needs to be opened for a side objective. This is one of the only safes that cannot be unlocked using the Technology or Security skills – you need the PIN.

In Office 11, you can use Psychometry on a previous employee's possessions. This will reveal that had hidden something in the vents. Go back to Office 14, re-enter the ventilation system, and look at a grate above the entrance to Office 11. This will reveal a note with a PIN at the bottom.

Take this PIN to Office 13, and unlock the safe to get your hands on some Tremere Concoction and documents related to the traitor.

The PIN is 050211.

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