Victoria 3: How To Form New Nations

The world is not a static entity – empires rise and fall, borders change, and wars shake up the diplomatic makeup of entire continents. This is something well-simulated in Victoria 3, and one aspect of this is formable countries.

Forming a new country will give you a new name, a new flag, and sometimes precious events that give you bonuses as a reward for doing something that is often very difficult.

How To Form A New Nation

To form a new nation, you will first have to check whether or not there are any potential new nations for your current country. To do this, head to your Cultures menu – the second tab here is Nation Formation and will let you know whether or not there are any potential new nations for you.

There are two ways to form a new nation: Major Unification and Minor Unification. To see which one you would have to go through to form your target nation, click on the nation's name in the Formable Nations menu. The type of unification will be displayed at the top of the menu.

  • In a Major Unification, certain prerequisites must be met before being able to set your plans into motion. Usually, this involves researching the Nationalism or Pan-nationalism. Once done, you can Launch a Unification Play, which will start a Diplomatic Play against any countries who own states that you have not annexed. If successful, the play will annex all the required states and you can then click the Form Nation button.
    • In addition, there will only be a certain number of unification candidates within any one region. This is based on Rank – you must be a Major Power, and countries that are not unification candidates have the ability to support a unification candidate of their choice, which avoids going to war if a Unification Play begins.
  • In a Minor Unification, there are no research requirements, only state requirements. Once you have conquered the necessary states to form the target nation, you can do so.
  • Some of the nations in the game are considered 'fantasy nations' – to be able to form these, you will have to set your Formable Nations Game Rule to 'All' instead of 'Historical.' You can do this without disabling achievements.

    Note that the same is true for Releasable Nations.

    There are multiple achievements granted for forming specific nations, with some of them having extra requirements:

    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Scandanavia
    • Ethiopia
    • Grand Colombia
    • Arabia

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