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The Security Room is an escape room in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. You will end up here with Phi, using Luna's bracelet, after entering the White Chromatic Door in the third round of the AB game.

With Phi's help, you must search for signs of the other Nonary Games players that seem to be missing in the facility. But before you can begin to search for them, you must escape the Security Room. Let's take a look at how to solve every puzzle in this room, how to get the Gold File, and how to escape.

Security Room Layout

Before we start escaping the Security Room, let's familiarize ourselves with its layout.

The Security Room can be separated into three landings on different elevations. You will enter and exit the room on the middle landing.

On the raised floor, you can find a couch and table with the escape safe, and two honeycomb-shaped shelves on either side of the room.

The lower landing is where the majority of the monitoring and securing happens. Here, you can find several large screens, three chairs in front of control panels, filing cabinets, and shelves.

How To Escape The Security Room

Now, let's seek a way out of the Security Room.

Start by turning to the left of the green chair in the monitoring area and opening the breaker box. Then, flip all nine switches to the "green" position to turn on the cameras of all nine sections of the monitor.

Head to the top elevation of the room and grab both hourglasses from the hexagonal shelf on the left. Then, press the red button to turn the lights off. Move back to the lower elevation and turn around to look at the stairs, which are now glowing with various letters. Make note of each set of letters and which color it is underneath.

  • Blue – ESDMAS
  • Green – ADGB
  • Yellow – SGDQNY
  • Cyan – TISG
  • Magenta – ZYKGLPE
  • Red – TMJYUVGJ

Before you turn the lights back on, make note of the colors of shapes on the hexagonal shelves, as you'll need to recall this information shortly.

Turn on the lights, then move to the computer area. Now, you can enter a few of these codes into the computers, corresponding to the chair color in front of the computer. First, go to the right console with the red chair and turn on the monitor. Type in TMJYUVGJ to open the first hexagonal tile puzzle.

For this puzzle, you must flip each tile so that they match the ones displayed on the shelf, with pink hexagons and green triangles.

To do this, press the middle two triangles, then press the middle two hexagons. Solving this will display "WILL BE ME." on the monitor above the red chair.

Now, move to the green chair and type in its password: ADGB. Once the monitor is on, you will need to complete the second hexagonal tile puzzle. The solution for this one is to press the four pink hexagons to turn them green. These can be done in any order.

After solving this puzzle, the message "I WAS YOU" will be displayed on the monitor above the green chair.

Next, go to the yellow chair and type in the password SGDQNY. This will begin a third mini-game, in which you have to measure the time it takes for each hourglass to fill with sand.

If you inspect both of the physical hourglasses you picked up earlier, you can determine that the red hourglass is four seconds, and the yellow hourglass is 11 seconds. This will help you solve the other numbers in the mini-game.

To play the mini-game, you must turn over certain hourglasses before pressing the play button to flip them over and see how long it takes for their sand to drain. By flipping certain hourglasses against the red and yellow ones, which we know the times for, we can figure out the three other colors.

For example, to find the blue hourglass, flip over the red and yellow hourglasses then press play. This will leave you with seven seconds left in the yellow hourglass. Next, flip over the blue hourglass, which will fall at the same rate as the yellow, meaning the blue hourglass has seven seconds.

Repeat this process for the green and pink hourglasses to get the following information.

  • Red = 4 seconds
  • Blue = 7 seconds
  • Green = 9 seconds
  • Yellow = 11 seconds
  • Pink = 16 seconds

Type in the password 0407091116, press the new button that appears, and the monitor above you will change.

After inspecting the words on the monitor, go to the breaker box and turn off the center bottom switch, the left middle switch, and the bottom left switch to erase the words KNOWS, SHE, and EVERYTHING. Now, head back over to the monitor and inspect the screen to move around the remaining six words, which are the same as the two clues we got from the monitors on either side of the middle on.

Arrange these words so that they read I WAS YOU on the top row and WILL BE ME. on the middle row. Doing this will turn the screen green, giving you the Green Safe Password. Head over to the safe with this password and you will be able to escape the Security Room.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File, go back to the breaker box and turn off every panel except for the ones you turned off earlier, leaving you only with KNOWS, SHE, and EVERYTHING. Now, arrange these along the bottom row so they read SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING, and the screen will turn blue. Get the Blue Safe Password from the monitor, then type it into the safe to get the Gold File for the Security Room.

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