Walking Dead Characters Shamble Into Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is no stranger to crossovers. From Shovel Knight and Rayman to Adventure Time and WWE, the popular fighting game has accrued quite a haphazard list of characters. On October 14 we’ll have to add a whole new cast to that roster, as survivors from The Walking Dead will be shambling into Ubisoft’s 2D brawler.

Only three characters from the series made the cut – Michonne, Rick Grimes, and Daryl Dixon. Each will be an Epic Crossover for a current Brawlhalla character:

  • Michonne (Koji)
  • Rick Grimes (Barraza)
  • Daryl Dixon (Ember)

Coming along with the crew is a new podium, KO effect, and a map modeled after the survivor’s prison from season 3. You’ll also get to test out the characters in a new game mode, which will have you facing off against endless waves of walkers.

Most fans of The Walking Dead will probably be happy with the three characters chosen for Brawlhalla. There’s no doubt that Michonne, Rick, and Daryl are among the most popular in the series, and each one has a unique fighting style that should fit perfectly with the rest of the Brawlhalla cast.

Released in 2017, Ubisoft’s side-scrolling brawler continues to thrive. It just recently launched Season 2 of its battle pass, offering players dozens of retro-inspired rewards and unlockable content. Available on all platforms – including mobile – the community has only grown over the years, and its crossplay functionality ensures you have short wait times between each match. There’s no doubt it was heavily inspired by Super Smash Bros, but Brawlhalla does enough to differentiate itself from Nintendo’s flagship title.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead’s tenth season was postponed due to production delays brought about by the global pandemic. Its finale was scheduled to broadcast in April, but was instead pushed to October 4 and six extra episodes are planned to run through the beginning of 2021. Its first season aired way back in 2010, yet – like Brawlhalla – it only seems to get better with age.

Brawlhalla will add characters from The Walking Dead on October 14.

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