Warframe: 10 Must-Have Arcanes

Warframe contains dozens of ways to tweak your loadout to suit your playstyles. Warframes, weapons, companions, Focus schools, and Mods are tools players can use to create unique loadouts that support their favorite playstyles.

Arcanes are special modifications to items that grant unique benefits that mods typically don’t. These can range from gaining armor when taking damage to pulling enemies towards you when you slam the ground with a melee weapon. This unique item type is unique and powerful, opening avenues for builds that would otherwise be impossible. Here are ten Arcanes you need to have in Warframe.

Updated February 2nd, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Arcanes have changed substantially since this article was first written. Digital Extremes have made Arcanes not stack with each other, increased their rank cap to five, introduced a few new ones, and rebalanced virtually every Arcane in the game. Needless to say, this article was in dire need of an update. We have updated this list to accommodate for these radical changes.

10 Exodia Brave

Exodia Brave Rank Three Stats

  • Effect: +5 Energy Rate for 4 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Chance: 100% on Heavy Attack kills (non-DOT)
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Zaws

Exodias are Arcanes exclusive to Zaw melee weapons crafted at Cetus. The Arcanes for Zaws ranges from extra combo counter build-up to summoning projectiles on air attacks.

Arguably the best one that Hok sells is Exodia Brave. This Arcane grants a flat five Energy regeneration rate per second on a heavy attack kill for four seconds. This one isn’t percentage based, meaning it always activates when you kill the target. The best part is this effect can stack on itself up to three times, granting a whopping 15 Energy per second after three heavy attack kills are made. This is not only easy to do, but the Energy gains on this Arcane are so massive that you can safely run another Focus school instead of Zenuik while this is active.

Do note that this Arcane requires your Zaw to achieve final blows; damage-over-time effects such as Slash procs do not activate this Exodia. Also, you must use a Zaw to equip this Exodia. That isn’t much of a negative due to the raw power of Zaws, but some players might have a hard time dropping their favorite Prime melee weapon to utilize this buff.

9 Arcane Consequence

Arcane Consequence Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: 60% increased parkour velocity for 18 seconds.
  • Chance: 100% on headshot
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Warframes

Arcane Consequence is arguably the most underrated Arcane in Warframe. Instead of granting you bonus damage or survivability, this Arcane grants a substantial boost to your character’s parkour speed when you headshot an opponent.

The headshot does not have to be lethal, and the buff lasts 18 seconds. The parkour velocity granted by this Arcane is not to be understated, granting a 60% parkour speed increase. Parkour velocity affects your rolls and bullet jumps. Ivara mains can roll much further while Prowl is active, speedrunners will love the increased roll velocity, and your Warframe’s bullet jump will be comparable to Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability. If you’re speedrunning missions or need an extra boost to your mobility, Arcane Consequence is by far the best Arcane you can equip.

8 Arcane Energize

Arcane Energize Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: Replenish 150 additional Energy upon grabbing an Energy Orb.
  • Chance: 60% on Energy Orb pickup
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Applied To: Warframes

This Arcane is a shell of its former self. It has a 15-second cooldown, requires 21 of the same Legendary Arcane to reach its peak effectiveness, and it still isn’t guaranteed when you grab an Energy Orb.

So why is it still on the list? Well, it’s still one of the strongest means of gaining Energy in Warframe. A single Energy Orb will grant 150 Energy to you and nearby allies. While it can only do this once every 15 seconds, 150 Energy is nothing to scoff at. Players can easily drop some Power Efficiency on their build if they’re running this Arcane, indirectly allowing them to equip more Power Strength or Power Duration Mods. This Energy return also occurs if you’re in a channeled ability such as Ember’s Inferno. Definitely get your hands on a rank five version of Arcane Energize, but consider doing so after you have other Arcanes mentioned on this list; Energize’s rarity makes it absurdly expensive unless Operation: Scarlet Spear is active.

7 Arcane Avenger

Arcane Avenger Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: 45% additive critical chance on all weapons and abilities for 12 seconds.
  • Chance: 21% on taking damage
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Warframes

There aren’t many methods of gaining additive critical chance on weapons in Warframe. Besides Warframes like Harrow, your options for increasing the critical chance on status-heavy weapons are limited.

Luckily, Arcane Avenger exists to make those weapons viable critical weapons as well. When the player takes damage, they have a 21% chance to gain a 45% additive critical chance to all of their attacks for 12 seconds. While this is a rare drop from Hydrolysts, this allows nearly every weapon in the game to critically hit. Weapons with high critical multipliers, such as the Kuva Nukor and the Amprex, will particularly benefit from this Arcane. Best of all, Warfrane abilities are affected by this buff. If you want to reliably crit with Excalibur’s Exalted Blade or Atlas’ Landslide, this Arcane is for you.

6 Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: 60% increased melee attack speed for 18 seconds.
  • Chance: 15% on hit
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Warframes

Melee lovers will want to get their hands on a rank five Arcane Strike. This Warframe Arcane grants a 60% attack speed buff to your melee weapons for 18 seconds, proccing 15% of the time after you hit an enemy.

A 60% attack speed buff is slightly better than Primed Fury and slightly under what Berseker grants. Players can safely drop their attack speed Mod when Arcane Strike is on, opting to equip additional elemental or critical damage Mods. Alternatively, you can run an attack speed Mod and this Arcane simultaneously to melee enemies at ludicrous speeds.

5 Arcane Grace And Victory

Arcane Grace Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: 6% Health regeneration per second for 9 seconds.
  • Chance: 9% on taking damage
  • Cooldown: 9 seconds
  • Applied To: Warframes

Arcane Victory Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: 3% Health regeneration per second for 9 seconds.
  • Chance: 75% on headshot
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Warframes

We’re including two Arcanes in this entry since they both do the same thing. Arcane Grace grants 6% health regeneration when you take damage, while Arcane Victory grants 3% health regeneration after you land a headshot kill.

Both Arcanes are absurdly strong when used on Warframe with high health pools such as Inaros. Better yet, you can use both Arcanes together to gain 9% HP regen per second, making you nigh-invulnerable if you have enough damage reduction.

Obtaining Arcane Grace can be tough due to its Legendary rarity, although Arcane Victory’s Uncommon rarity makes it much cheaper to purchase from other players. If you can’t afford Arcane Grace, obtain an Arcane Victory set first. Those that want the most efficient healing possible should focus on obtaining Arcane Grace.

4 Magus Lockdown

Magus Lockdown Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: Drop a Tether Mine after Void Dashing, incapacitating up to 10 nearby enemies within 15 meters for 4 seconds. A maximum of 2 Tether Mines can be deployed at any given moment.
  • Chance: 100% after Void Dashing
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Operators

Destiny fans will instantly recognize this Arcane as the Nightstalker’s Shadowshot super. This Operator Arcane drops a Tether Mine whenever you Void Dash, causing all nearby enemies to become incapacitated.

The damage this Arcane originally had was sadly removed, but the crowd control that Magus Lockdown provides is hard to ignore. Up to two of these Tether Mines can be up at once, allowing players to lock down entryways or small rooms using just their Operator. This level of crowd control at the ready is a must for Steel Path missions or long endurance runs.

3 Arcane Aegis

Arcane Aegis Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: 30% Shield regeneration per second for 12 seconds. It also activates your Warframe’s inherit shield regeneration.
  • Chance: 3% on taking damage
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Warframes

After shield gating was introduced to Warframe, shield regeneration builds have become a niche but potent build archetype. For those unaware, players become invulnerable for 1.3 seconds after their shields are broken. If your shields are broken while partway charged, the duration is 0.33 seconds. This means that if you can find a way to constantly regain your shield, you become invulnerable to all non-Toxin damage.

Arcane Aegis is an excellent way to exploit shield gating on all of your Warframes that have shields. When your shields take damage, this Arcane has a 3% chance to regenerate 30% of your shields per second for 12 seconds. Since this also activates your Warframe’s base shield regeneration, your character is always regenerating their shield, meaning the shield gate invulnerability window always gets reactivated. A 3% chance sounds horrible on paper, but this can easily be exploited through one mod: Rolling Guard.

If you activate Rolling Guard while your shields are recharged, any damage you take can activate Arcane Aegis. Roll into a group of enemies, have enemies shoot you, then enjoy a 12-second invulnerability window. When the duration is almost up, simply activate Rolling Guard again to reactivate the effect. As long as you are mindful of your buffs and positioning, this Arcane makes you nearly invincible. If you pair Arcane Aegis with Arcane Resistance, nothing can kill you.

2 Magus Elevate

Magus Elevate Five Stats

  • Effect: Heal your Warframe for 300 HP.
  • Chance: 95% on Transference In (entering your Warframe)
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Operators

Magus Elevate is a must-have Arcane, regardless of how often you use your Operator. While equipped, this Arcane has a 95% chance to heal your Warframe for 300 HP whenever you exit Operator mode.

Elevate’s 300 HP heal is instant and doesn’t have a cooldown, meaning players can spam their Operator button to repeatedly heal their Warframe. It turns your Operator transfer button into a panic heal whenever you need it, proving invaluable in higher-level content. Every Warframe player needs this Arcane.

1 Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian Rank Five Stats

  • Effect: +900 Armor to your Warframe for 20 seconds.
  • Chance: 15% on taking damage
  • Cooldown: None
  • Applied To: Warframes

Armor is a staple to most tanky builds in Warframe. The more armor you have, the less damage your health receives whenever you take damage.

Arcane Guardian helps weaker and tankier Warframe alike with its effect, granting 900 flat armor to your Warframe when you take damage. A 15% chance to activate for 20 seconds is fantastic and means this Arcane is almost always active. While really tanky Warframes like Chroma won’t see much difference, weaker Warframes like Banshee can see as large as a 60% damage resistance increase with this Arcane equipped. Virtually every Warframe will benefit from a rank five Arcane Guardian.

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