Warframe: Angels Of The Zariman Quest Walkthrough

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  • Angels Of The Zariman – Pre-Requisites
  • Part 1 – Investigating The Zariman
  • Part 2 – Void Cascade
  • Part 3 – Void Flood
  • Part 4 – Void Armageddon
  • Epilogue – Retrieve Quinn's tablet

After last year's story quest The New War, Warframe returns once again showing a new side on a well-known piece of Tenno history, with the return of (a second?) spaceship Zariman Ten Zero from the Void. Ruined and adrift, your former home now is full of mysteries to uncover in a new amazing quest.

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Introducing a new Syndicate, several game modes, aesthetic improvements, and a brand-new tileset, here's everything you need to know to complete the quest Angels of The Zariman.

Angels Of The Zariman – Pre-Requisites

To play this quest, you have to be up to date with the story, that is, having completed The New War. Once you're done with that, you must go to your Codex and select "Begin Quest" in the Quest menu. A cutscene will trigger, showing up the Zariman Ten Zero re-appearing once again from the Void and sending a transmission across the Origin System, after which the Lotus will send you to investigate.

Part 1 – Investigating The Zariman

Once aboard the Zariman Ten Zero, you will lose contact with Lotus, meaning that you're alone to fend off the several Grineer squads scouting the place. As you advance through the spaceship defeating Grineer units you will reach a zone where you will get expelled from your warframe, and a mysterious creature will show up and use a sonic scream that will knock you out.

You will wake up in your old room of the Zariman, where you once confronted the Drifter during The New War. Waiting for you will be what's left of the adult crew aboard the Zariman, now called the Holdfasts. They will explain to you that Kira, one of their group, is now a Void Angel, the monstrous creature that defeated you before now twisted by the influence of the Song, a form of Void energy that's also slowly transforming the rest of the crew.

After asking you for help, their leader Quinn urges you to take care of a Void Cascade occurring nearby.

Part 2 – Void Cascade

The first of the new modes introduced in this update, Void Cascade will require you to familiarize with the changes on your Operator. Hombask will talk to you to explain how the new mode works and give you a quick tutorial through this part of the story. In case you need a refresher, this is how Void Cascade works:

  • You need to locate an Exolizer and purge it by attacking the three void rifts with your Operator Amp.
  • Once the rifts are closed a ghostly void manifestation will spawn and you need to shoot it down with your Amp as well. This will spawn a Thrax Centurion, an enemy that you must first defeat using your warframe and weapons, and finish by shooting it down with your Operator/Drifter.
  • Keep defending the Exolizer from any enemy or incoming Thrax, defeating them before they can repossess it. Every enemy killed inside the golden area around the Exolizer will contribute to cleanse it, and once it's done you can proceed to the next one.

Once you successfully purge four Exolizers, you will be able to extract and go back to the Chrysalith.

Part 3 – Void Flood

Back on the Chrysalith, Quinn will show up more signs of corruption by the Song and insist on that you should claim the Zariman as its rightful owner. However, before you can double down on your negative, a new crisis will afloat and you need to play the second new game mode, called Void Flood. Another member of the Holdfasts, Archimedian Yonta, will contact you and give you specific instructions on how to proceed through the Void Flood, as follows:

  • First off, you must collect a substance called Vitoplast, either by defeating enemies or collecting it scattered across the map.
  • Similar to Excavation missions, you must take the Vitoplast near the Void Ruptures, until their gauge is filled. Keep in mind that you will have to deal with buffs to enemies and debuffs to your warframe at 40%, 70%, and 100%, so try to fill the Ruptures as soon as possible.
  • Once the three Void Ruptures are filled a Thrax Centurion will show up, and you must destroy it first with your warframe and weapons, and finish by shooting it down with your Operator/Drifter.

After this is done, you will be able to extract and go back to the Chrysalis.

Part 4 – Void Armageddon

As you arrive back into the Chrysalis, Quinn will tell you that the idiot Grineer squads are wreaking havoc by attacking the Reliquary Drive, and the Void Angel is being attracted to it. This time the Holdfast Cavalero will give you the tutorial to the next game mode, Void Armaggeddon. This mode will be separated into two phases:

Phase 1 – Defend The Exodampeners

The first phase of this mode is basically a Tower Defense mode, you must protect two Exodampers by installing multiple weapons at specific points on the map. To build the weapons you must obtain a substance called Argozene, dropped by the incoming enemies and also obtainable across the map, in certain loot boxes. Once you collected enough Argozene, you can build the following armaments:

ArmamentDescriptionDamage TypeCost
MazukaMinigun turret that focuses on one target.Corrosive40 Argozene
FaradonArc lightning turret that focuses on multiple targets.Magnetic50 Argozene
GiotticaA laser-targeted missile launcher.Puncture60 Argozene
CorralizerA turret that grabs and pulls enemies in.Cold60 Argozene

After you successfully defended the Exodampers, the next phase of the fight will begin.

Phase 2 – Kira, The Void Angel

Once you're done with phase 1, Kira will show up in the mission and you must defeat her in combat. The Void Angel will have two HP bars, and after the first one is defeated she will spawn a huge sphere you can jump in, to be transported to her own pocket dimension, the Void Realm.

During this fight, you will only be able to fight as the Operator/Drifter, and you must shoot the Void Angel until she releases two golden balls. To destroy them, you can use the Void Sling move to make her vulnerable again to your attacks, and once you defeat her in the Void Realm, you will be able to kill her once and for all. After finishing, Lotus will regain communication with you and ask what's going on.

Epilogue – Retrieve Quinn's tablet

Go back inside the ship to find that the crew has survived, now sitting around different parts of the Zariman. Similar to Deimos, Fortuna, and Cetus, the Zariman is now a hub for players to visit, obtain new items, and embark on new missions. A quick cutscene will play, and after that, your new home is yours to explore, with some particular additions.

New Syndicate – The Holdfasts

The surviving crew of the Zariman will now be available as a syndicate, and you will be able to level up your Standing with them, having access to new Weapons, Arcanes, and various Decorations with each new Rank.

New Hub – The Dormizone

You will obtain a new customizable hub zone called the Dormizone, where you wake up at the beginning of the quest. You can decorate and unlock more rooms in it, and your Companion of choice would also show up chilling around.

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