Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: Purgator Class Guide

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The Sons Of Titan, the Grey Knights, are the Emperor’s finest. They are immovable, swift, and gifted with abilities that dwarf even the mighty Space Marines. They can trace their lineage back to the Golden Throne itself, and they are the hammer of the Ordo Malleus. Sworn to secrecy, dedicated to purging Chaos – they are living legends one and all, and the good guys of Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters.

When it comes to purging the heretic, the daemon, and the mutant, the Grey Knights form Strike Squads, with each member specializing in a role to best assist his brothers. Purgators are one such specialist, and they are all about bringing death from afar with the powerful psychically charged weaponry.

What Is A Purgator?

A Purgator is a ranged specialist designed purely to kill everything that moves. Unlike their Storm Bolter-bearing brethren, the Purgator packs all manner of heavy weapons, such as Psycannons, Psilencers, and deadly Incinerators. What they lack in close combat potential, they more than make up for in firepower. If it moves, you can kill it.

Skills And Abilities

Innate Abilities

Every class in Chaos Gate comes with innate abilities that make them more than just foot soldiers. Even a level one Purgator has his own unique brand of passives that help him stand out from the pack.

PurgatorPurgators can equip the Psycannon, Psilencer, and Incinerator Ranged Weapons as standard.

Core Discipline

These four skills are basic skills that lead to more specialized disciplines.

Willpower (x3)Justicar gains +2 Max Willpower permanently.
Psybolt Armor PiercePsybolt now ignores all armor and deals damage directly to the target's HP. This attack only applies to Storm Bolters.

Emperor’s Light Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Emperor’s Light Psychic Attack.

Emperor’s LightPurgator launches an Area 3 Blast at a target with a Range of 10. This attack afflicts Blind on foes for 2 turns and has a 50% chance to apply Purge which strips all Mutations.
Emperor’s Light BlindedEnemies struck by Emperor’s Light deal -2 damage when firing Ranged Weapons.
Emperor’s Light AreaBlast Area of Emperor’s Light is increased by 1.
Emperor’s Light Warp ChargeIncreases Purge chance to 100%

Kill Zone Discipline

This tree unlocks the Sanctified Killzone Psychic Attack and upgrades it to increase its effectiveness.

Sanctified KillzonePurgator launches a Psychic Attack with a Range of 10 and Blast Area 3. Targets in the Blast Area are afflicted with Vulnerable for 1 turn. Vulnerable causes enemies to take +2 damage whenever they are attacked.
Sanctified Killzone DurationIncreases the duration of Sanctified Killzone by 1 turn.
Sanctified Killzone Warp ChargeActivate this ability to apply Armor Break 3 on any enemies caught in the Blast Area of Sanctified Killzone, in addition to other effects. Armor Break permanently strips targets of armor.
Enduring ReflexesPurgator gains an additional use for all of his Auto Abilities per turn.

Astral Aim Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Astral Aim Psychic Boon.

Astral AimShoot a target at Range 10 to deal weapon damage. This attack has a 100% Crit Chance and Precision Targetting, but no stun. Precision Targetting lets the Purgator destroy specific body parts when landing a Critical Hit.
Astral Aim Critical DamageAstral Aim deals +1 damage when landing a Critical Hit.
Astral Aim Warp ChargeActivate this ability to allow Astral Aim to ignore armor.
Mental FocusWhen the Purgator lands a Critical Hit with a Ranged Attack, there is a 50% chance that they will gain +1AP.

Ranged Weapon Discipline

This tree applies buffs to any weapon the Purgator may be using.

Crit DamageThe Purgator deals +2 Crit damage when using Ranged Weapons.
Ammo x2The Purgator has +1 Ammo for any Ranged Weapon.
Return FireWhen the Purgator is shot by an enemy, there is a 50% chance he will shoot back automatically. The Purgator needs ammo to use this Auto Ability.

Psilencer Discipline

This tree specifically upgrades the Psilencer.

RangeThe Psilencer is given +4 Range.
Ignore CoverThe Psilencer ignores damage modifiers for Partial Cover. This does not improve damage against targets in Full Cover, however.
Crit DamageThe Psilencer deals an additional +2 damage when landing a Critical Hit.
Support FireWhen an enemy is shot within the Weapon Range of a Purgator with a Psilencer, the Purgator will also fire, dealing +2 damage to the target. This will not trigger with Overwatch, and this is considered an Auto Ability and does not inflict stun.

Wargear Discipline

This tree is all about boosting the effectiveness of Wargear – specifically Grenades.

Wargear SlotThe Purgator has an additional Wargear slot to hold Grenades.
Grenade Ammo x2The Purgator carries 1 extra grenade into battle. This applies to both Wargear slots.
Grenade AreaGrenades thrown by the Purgator have an additional +1 to their Blast Area.

Arcane Weapons Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the effectiveness of the Arcane Weapons Psychic Boon.

Arcane WeaponsThe Purgator uses up all of his ammo and then targets a Grey Knight at any range. The target gains +1 damage to their next Ranged Attack for every 2 ammo spent by the Purgator.
Arcane Weapons Crit DamageArcane Weapons buffs target Grey Knight to deal an additional +1 Crit Damage for every 2 ammo spent. This is in addition to all other effects.
Arcane Weapons Warp ChargeActivate this ability to make it so Arcane Weapons apply a +1 damage buff per 1 ammo expended, instead of 2.
WillpowerJusticar gains +2 Max Willpower permanently.

Psychic Onslaught Discipline

This tree upgrades the Psychic Onslaught Warp Charge attack.

Psychic Onslaught Damage x2Psychic Onslaught deals an additional +1 damage.
Psychic Onslaught AreaPsychic Onslaught gains a +1 to its Blast Area.
Rapid ReloadThe Purgator has a 50% chance to automatically reload his weapon if he runs out of ammo without spending an AP.

Essential Skills

The Purgator is an incredibly focused class that does one thing, and it does that one thing very well. If you are going to run the Purgator, nothing is stopping you from using the Incinerator, however, as you may have noticed, there are no upgrades in the Purgator’s tree that specifically buff that weapon (other than the generic Ranged Weapon tree).

As a result, it may be better to focus on the Psycannon and Psilencer. In addition, there are essential skills to aim for when building your Purgator.

  • Astral Aim
  • Sanctified Kill Zone
  • Wargear Discipline

Firstly, Astral Aim is too good to ignore. This ability turns your Purgator into a mid-ranged sniper capable of landing a Critical Hit at will. This not only increases your damage, which can be increased even further with other investments but also allows you to destroy body parts. This is incredibly useful against tougher enemies and bosses. Even a single point in Astral Aim is fantastic. Once you buff it, the synergies really start to kick in.

Sanctified Kill Zone is one of the best debuffs in the entire game. It has a massive area of effect and the damage increase it provides is fantastic if used early in a turn. With one point of investment it carries its weight, with further upgrades, it becomes so much better it hurts. The extra turn of Vulnerability in particular is stellar.

Grenades offer great utility, with more grenades unlocking as you play through the game. Even at the start, the ability to destroy cover, knock back enemies, deal AOE damage, and cause chain reactions is too good to pass up. The Purgator, once maxed out, can carry six grenades, which is more than an entire squad can carry.

Other Great Skill Picks

Outside of those three, there are a bunch of fantastic skills to consider based on how you want to build your Purgator. Pushing into the Ranged Discipline tree makes sense on any build, but if you want to focus on the Psilencer, then that tree offers some amazing value.

Emperor’s Light is underwhelming at first glance but can shatter the game's balance if used correctly, and liberally. Blind is a seriously effective debuff that will neuter just about any offensive. Due to the large AOE, you can blind substantial chunks of the enemy team. Heck, with two Purgators, you could easily catch everyone. Combined with Armor, your squad could become functionally immortal for a turn.

Don’t forget the Purge effect of Emperor’s Light either. Whilst not useful early game, it comes into its own once Demons start showing up. Again, this can absolutely neuter certain enemies, making them easy pickings for your knights.

It may seem like Purgators are going to be heavily reliant on WP, and they are. Thankfully, their kit is riddled with WP upgrades that alleviate that issue. Purgators also do great damage, which directly turns into kills, which restores WP. Finally, a Justicar can pass WP onto them in a pinch.

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