Warzone season 3 release time: Call of Duty Vanguard update patch notes, Godzilla event

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Warzone season 3 is out today, with players of the free-to-play COD game or fans of Call of Duty Vanguard getting a truck load of new content. The latest season of Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard begins at 5pm UK time on Wednesday April 27. For Warzone players, the season 3 update will be available to download when the new season launches, while for Call of Duty Vanguard fans the update began rolling out across all platforms yesterday.

So if you’ve got Vanguard you can prepare for the release of the new Call of Duty season – which is called Classified Arms – right now by downloading the latest patch ahead of content going live.

Season 3 of Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard will feature another high-profile crossover, with themed content coming based on the MonsterVerse.

Godzilla and King Kong operator skins are coming to COD, while on May 11 the in-game Operation Monarch event will also be held.

If you’ve seen MonsterVerse films such as the recent Godzilla vs Kong then you will be familiar with Monarch – a secretive, scientific organisation.

Sledgehammer Games has revealed that when the new Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone season goes live full patch notes will be revealed for the latest COD update.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone season two trailer

The Vanguard devs tweeted: “#Vanguard Season Three begins tomorrow at 9 AM PT.

“Upon logging into Season Three for the first time, all players will be granted the new Trophy System Field Upgrade; no challenge completion required!

“Stay tuned for the Patch Notes and Blog as the new content is made available.”

If you’re looking for early patch notes though, the Call of Duty team has revealed what fans can expect of season 3 of Warzone and Vanguard.

Here are some early Warzone season 3 and Call of Duty Vanguard patch notes below…


Warzone – New Gulag: Hold, new POI: Dig Site, Caldera Iron Trials, Operation Monarch event May 11, Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time, Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time, Tracer Pack: MechaGodzilla Limited Time

New weapons, bundles and operators – M1916 Marksman Rifle, Nikita AVT Assault Rifle, Junkyard Jet Melee weapon, Tread Lightly Mastercraft bundle, High Voltage Reactive Mastercraft bundle, Hell Hounds Mastercraft ultimate pack, Mateo Hernandez, Florence Carter, Kim Tae Young

Vanguard multiplayer – New map: Mayhem, new map: Sphere, new filed upgrade: Trophy System, new ranked play season + rewards

Vanguard Zombies – New weapons, new unlock challenges, 20 new season challenges

On Caldera, Captain Butcher calls upon three more Operators — S.O.T.F. 008 — to investigate the true impact of previous enemy attacks. After reclaiming the island through tactical, yet somewhat flashy force, these elite Allied soldiers are rewarded with treasure troves of secret prototype weapons.

But these prototypes on the island, let alone their existence, raise a massive question: what kind of threats are these powerful weapons supposed to combat?

Their answer comes from an abandoned radio, which picks up several signals and primal roars unlike that of any known creature…

A top-secret armory is open for all Operators during Classified Arms, the third season of Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard launching on April 27. And they will need all the power they can get their hands on to combat Godzilla and Kong, laying siege to Caldera later in the season with the limited-time event, Operation Monarch.

This new season of content will be available following updates to both games: one for Vanguard on April 26 at 9 AM PT, and one for Warzone on April 27 at 9 AM PT.

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