We Are OFK Launches First Episode On August 18

The interactive music "biopic" We Are OFK has a release date for its first episode. The stylish looking game presents a rather intriguing prospect, with hues and vibes so redolent of its Los Angeles setting, and promising a story that's full of tunes, potential heartbreak and drama.

"We made our biopic as a game, because we feel close to this band, our band, and we want you to, too. You'll decide things they say, what texts they send, how they express themselves as they go through their smaller journey of trying to make something they can be proud of," writes Teddy Dief, Team OFK's creative director on the PlayStation Blog.

To clarify, OFK is the game dev's virtual band. But like any music group they have real songs available to stream on the music streaming platforms. We Are OFK is a video game that focuses on the origin story of the band. And like many bands there's always a few tears, frustrations, and passion for making music along the way.

"We Are OFK is our indie-sized experiment at making a smaller biopic. A smaller virtual band. An imagined group, created by artists, musicians, and game designers who all know how hard it is to just make something, finish it, and put it out into the world, because we still struggle to do that most days," Dief explained.

The music narrative game is set to drop its first two episodes on August 18 on the PS4 and PS5, with episode three arriving on August 25. Four further episodes are set for September 1, and the final episode releases September 8. Each episode will feature an interactive music video along with a single. These tracks will be on sale as vinyl, via iam8bit, alongside art prints and acoustic versions.

We Are OFK is also launching on Steam on August 18 with the same episodic release schedule. The game will also be available on the Nintendo Switch although that does not yet have an exact launch date, but players should expect a similar release window, but confirmation should arrive shortly.

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