We Asked The Creator Of Human Fall Flat What His Characters Taste Like

I am hesitant to refer to the player avatar in Human Fall Flat as a human. Yes, it’s a humanoid, certainly, with a head, two arms, and two legs, but to say that is all that constitutes a “human” is inaccurate. It certainly doesn’t look like any human I’ve ever met, and its mannerisms resemble something pretending to be human more than humans themselves.

As such, I feel it’s closer to an amalgamation of gelatinous alien material that has fused together into a humanoid shape in order to fit into the human world. But that’s probably reading into things a bit much, and avoids the real question you’re here to see answered: what do those absurd creatures taste like?

I recently interviewed Tomas Sakalauskas, creator of Human Fall Flat and CEO of No Brakes Games, and had to ask him this burning question. Though no one was prepared for how simple and direct his answer would be.

Tomas tells us what he imagines the Human Fall Flat characters taste like in this very brief interview excerpt:

So, big question: what do you think the characters in the Human Fall Flat taste like? I think they would taste like tofu.

[TS] “Marshmallow.”

That’s it. That’s the answer. Marshmallow. I wouldn’t have put our bets on the gangly monstrosities tasting like anything sweet, honestly, though this does give me a renewed motivation to cut one apart and see the results for myself.

You can find more pieces of wisdom and Human Fall Flat facts in our full interview with Tomas Sakalauskas right here, and keep reading TheGamer for more exclusive news and interviews from throughout the gaming industry.

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