We Could Get More Information On The New Pokemon Games Next Week

PokéDoko is the successor to Pokénchi, a variety show that means "Meet Up at the Pokemon House?" Historically, these variety shows have shared exclusive news around upcoming Pokemon games, helping to build hype in the wake of launch, and PokéDoko could be continuing that trend as seen in a new episode summary.

As spotted by PM Net, the April 24 episode's summary states that PokéDoko will have a segment for "the latest information on the Pokemon games." This is likely in reference to Scarlet and Violet, the two new mainline games that were announced last month alongside a first look at their starters.

But, as pointed out by Serebii founder Joe Merrick, it's best to temper expectations. A lot of the time, these variety show rumours and descriptors don't lead to anything major, building unwarranted hype and leading to sour disappointment among fans. We've seen this time and time again for generations of Pokemon, regardless of what variety show is airing at the time. PokéDoko hasn't mentioned Scarlet and Violet yet and, as Merrick notes, its predecessor Pokénchi never did.

"Seeing lots of people mentioning PokéDoko having "latest game information" and going [wild]," Merrick wrote. "Let me just clarify a few things – first, the amount of times this has happened and not resulted [in] anything can only be counted on two hands if you use binary.

"Second – PokéDoko is a new show and both it and its predecessor, Pokénchi, hadn't touched on Scarlet and Violet yet. Third – when the shows get new info, it's said as such. While it's possible we get news leading up to it, it's by no means guaranteed and this doesn't prove it."

So we might be getting Pokemon news next week. Or we might not. But it's worth keeping an eye on PokéDoko to see if anything pans out all the same.

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