Weird West: 5 Hardest Achievements

You'll unlock most of Weird West's achievements simply by working your way through its five chapters. The majority of achievements are easy to obtain because they are tied to main story beats and side quests. However, a few are ready to hinder your progress. Achievements about collectibles or others that require pure luck are some examples that'll ask your dedication if you're not using a guide.

Some achievements involve chasing down leads in the West and exploring everything the map offers, not to mention the one that is solely luck-based and can take hours to unlock because of its frustration. If you're looking to earn completionist status for Weird West, these are the achievements you'll struggle with the most.

5 Explorer

You might unlock the Explorer achievement during story progression if you typically explore as much as possible when playing the game. On the other hand, if you miss certain places you haven't yet visited, you may be missing out on unlocking Explorer. To obtain this, you need to locate every Temple of the Ancients. The best way to do so is to travel to each temple and enter them to keep track of which ones you've visited.

The temples are inhabited by the Oneirists, who may be hostile depending on which character you're controlling. While playing as Constance, for example, you have the best chance of exploring these temples uninterrupted since she is an Oneirist. This is the recommended way to go because the inside of these temples is filled with witchcraft practices, indoor plant life, strange mystical devices, and mirrors used for teleporting to prominent places in the West.

4 Getting The Gang Back Together

Unlocking the Getting the Gang Back Together achievement is one of the final roadblocks before reaching the end of Weird West, and it's totally missable. If you make some specific choices during each episode, you'll block yourself from getting everyone to the temple. For example, committing selfish acts like stealing and killing during Across Rivers segment will turn him into a Wiindigo, meaning you can't bring him to the temple. The same would go for Dezi if you didn't destroy the Blood Moon during his episode, as the werewolves will become hostile to outsiders.

To earn this achievement, you must ensure every protagonist survives up to the Oneirist chapter and then bring them all to the temple. Once everyone is present, the achievement will be yours.

3 Gold Digger

Digging up ten cache mounds doesn't sound daunting, but it's more challenging than it seems. There isn't a way to track cache mounds meaning you have to happen on them while exploring, and they could be anywhere on the map. They're usually hidden away in the most awkward places, and chances are you'll waltz past them without even noticing they're there.

Mound caches usually hold money and sellable junk, though sometimes they will have more valuable items like Nimp Relics to upgrade your abilities. If you're looking to unlock this achievement, keep a keen eye on your environment, especially in stables and barns in towns, as they will sometimes appear in those buildings.

2 'Ma Barker

Taking a quick look at the achievement page of Weird West, you'll notice how few people have the achievements for turning into a Wiindigo, which is only obtained if you play through the Across Rivers chapter as a morally bad person. Most people seem to have played Weird West as a pacifist or a morally gray person, and while being the good guy in the game makes it more challenging to earn money, committing good deeds will give you a massive discount from stores. However, stealing from stores and reselling these items grants you significantly more money.

You don't even have to sell everything you collect; just steal enough to add up to 10,000 dollars for the 'Ma Barker achievement. Of course, doing so is easier when you're not worried about making a good impression, as stealing needs to be done on the same playthrough and can't carry over between playthroughs.

1 Hog Wild

Poker mini-games have become a staple of video games, with Red Dead Redemption 2 being the best recent example. There's something fascinating about playing a game within a game and being skilled enough to win the mini-game within a game, and did we say card game yet? Well, Poker also appears in Weird West, where you can play against NPCs in some major towns. Actually, beating someone in Poker isn't complicated; if you fail the first time, just continue until you win. Eventually, you'll get lucky.

To achieve Hog Wild, however, you'll need to win against Pigman Joe in a Poker match, and it can be tough to spawn him into a town in the first place. Walking up to Joe and flicking through the dialogue options won't give you the chance to play Poker. The only way to play against him is to either hope he appears in one of the towns as someone to play against or brute force your way into spawning him into a town.

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