Who Is The Bravest Skyrim Character?

The world of Skyrim continues to awe and amaze with its detailed lore and multitude of religions and faiths, creating a diverse fantasy world where everything and anything could happen. But what makes Skyrim ten times more memorable is the host of colourful characters and stories that make you want to replay it over and over again.

Living in the rough world of Skyrim is a literal survival-of-the-fittest rodeo since you have to be ready for an attack whenever. Being brave seems to be part and parcel with lots of people in Skyrim, but some just stand out when it comes to having nerves of steel.

10 The Dragonborn

It's safe to say that there's no one more courageous than The Dragonborn. From nearly having their head lopped off to having to battle a dragon god of legend, the Dovahkiin has a list of adventures that'd make anyone shake in their boots.

Even after defeating Alduin, the Dovahkiin's journey is just getting started. Not only do they have to contend with the Daedric Princes, but they also have to solve the day-to-day issues of Skyrim civilians and even stop a vampire lord obsessed with blotting out the sun. Yet for the Dragonborn, it's all in a day's work.

9 Paarthurnax

One of the best teachers in video games, the ancient dragon Paarthurnax was once the lieutenant of his eldest brother Alduin and was a part of the many heinous acts perpetrated against humans.

However, he decided to turn a new leaf and formed the order of the Greybeards, preaching a new way of living called 'The Way of the Voice'. It takes someone of great courage to go against everything they've ever known and admit that they were wrong. Paarthurnax fights against his inner draconic nature's need to dominate, making him one of the bravest, and wisest, characters in the game.

8 Serana

We first meet the vampire princess Serana in Dimhollow Cavern, awakening after nearly 2000 years of sleep. The Dragonborn quickly learns that Serana and her father Lord Harkon are at loggerheads with each other, with Serana holding on to her moral code while her father had lost his long ago.

Serana's willingness to stand her ground against her powerful parents clearly shows her bravery. She does not hesitate to involve herself in dangerous situations and proves to be one of the best companions and followers of the Dragonborn.

7 Aela The Huntress

A proud werewolf and loyal member of The Companions, the Dragonborn first encounters Aela the Huntress outside Whiterun in the middle of fighting a giant. At first glance, you can tell Aela is not one to back down from a fight and despises weakness.

Aela is always ready to defend the Companions from both internal and external threats, ever faithful to the Harbinger and her fellow Companions. Say what you want about the Companions' questline, Aela the Huntress's bravery in the midst of a crisis is notable.

6 Lydia

Lydia's loyalty and willingness to do everything the Dragonborn tells her to do either makes her brave or worryingly foolish. Of course, it's part of her job as a housecarl, but being able to kill her as part of Boethiah's questline shows that there's no limit to what Lydia would do for her Thane.

Aside from obstructing doorways, Lydia eagerly ventures into the hardest, Draugr-ridden dungeons with the Dragonborn and never has the slightest complaint. You can even accidentally leave her behind in one, and she won't even get mad when you eventually do go back to retrieve her – if you go back.

5 Ulfric Stormcloak

Jarl of Windhelm and the leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion, Ulfric Stormcloak's decision to fight against the Imperials' banning of Talos worship does take guts.

However, you can't help but wonder if Ulfric's actual motivation for starting a rebellion is because he wants to be the High King of Skyrim. Fighting for your beliefs does take immense bravery, but then you remember that Ulfric's Nord supremacist and doesn't take kindly to other races. Yikes.

4 Karliah

Once a member of the Thieves Guild, Karliah's tenacity has never faltered, even after being framed for her lover's murder.

Even with her life falling apart all around her, Karliah's duty as a Nightingale and faith in Nocturnal carried her through. Karliah shows courage in facing the traitor Mercer Frey, as well as exposing him and getting her revenge.

3 Ralof

He's the very first voice you hear speaking in the game. A fellow prisoner, Ralof showed no fear upon seeing the executioner's block, nor did he cower when there was an ancient dragon god breathing down his back.

Ralof saved the Dragonborn and escorted him/her out of Helgen, even offering them shelter in his sister's house at Riverwood. Ralof deserves some props for showing some backbone in the face of Alduin's rampage of Helgen alone.

2 Emperor Titus Mede II

The last main quest in the Dark Brotherhood questline, the Dragonborn and what's left of this ancient order of assassins have been through the wringer after Astrid's stupid decisions. That doesn't stop the Dragonborn from continuing with the contract of killing Emperor Titus Mede II.

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As soon as you come face-to-face with the target, however, Emperor Titus shows no fear in the face of death. He even seems to expect your arrival, saying there's no stopping the Dark Brotherhood. He remains calm, accepting his end in the hands of the Dragonborn.

1 All Skyrim Thieves

Skyrim thieves are the definition of stupidly brave. It really takes someone with a heart of courage – or a single brain cell – to come up to the Dragonborn and try to intimidate them into handing over their stuff.

Although they'll inevitably lose in the ensuing fight, they're to be commended for fighting to the death for some coins and a mountain of pilfered sweet rolls.

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