Witch Queen Launch Trailer Teases Destiny 2’s Next Raid

The Witch Queen’s arrival is right around the corner. One week away from Savathun’s return as the Lucent Brood matriarch we get a launch trailer showcasing some of Savathun’s origin story, some combat using Void 3.0 against the Lucent Brood, and then finally ends with six Guardians staring at the foreboding presence of a black pyramid.

For those who have been around since the Shadowkeep expansion, the Black Pyramids are the personification of Destiny 2’s ultimate evil. We’re still not entirely sure who or what that evil is, but they seem to move throughout the universe in fleets of Black Pyramid ships. Wherever they go, life ceases to be.

In Shadowkeep, Guardians boarded a Black Pyramid for the first time to get a first glimpse of the new Stasis powers. In the Beyond Light expansion, the Black Pyramid granted those darkness-based powers as part of the main campaign. Now it seems there’s a Black Pyramid in Savathun’s Throne World, indicating some lingering connection with the Witch Queen even after she steals the Light.

Thanks to various Bungie updates, we know that Witch Queen's first raid will come soon after the expansion drops while an older raid will return from the Destiny Content Vault later in 2022. This Black Pyramid is almost certainly the location of the next raid, and we can only imagine the horrors waiting inside.

In addition to today's trailer, Guardians will finally experience the thrilling conclusion of the longest season in Destiny 2 history. Today is the day that Savathun has her worm excised by Mara Sov, likely resulting in her death. Clearly, she doesn't stay dead though as Savathun returns in The Witch Queen expansion on February 22.

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