Wordle words: The ‘helpful’ letter combinations to beat the game – players share top tips

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Wordle has seen players around the world waking up each day to solve the latest five-letter puzzle. But whether you are hoping to maintain your streak, beat your high score, or are battling it out against a friend, there are some handy tips and tricks that could help you win.

The aim of the daily brainteaser is to turn all of the tiles green and guess the correct word hidden beneath.

For every correct letter a user guesses, a tile will turn green or yellow.

A green tile symbolises that not only do you have the letter right, but you have also guessed its correct position in the word.

A yellow tile symbolises that although the letter you guessed is within the word, this is not the correct position.

If the tile remains black, this means a letter has been incorrectly guessed and is not in the word at all.

When a user guesses an incorrect letter, it will also turn a dark grey on the keyboard below.

Players only have one opportunity each day to play and guess the word, which means you have to wait an extra day for another chance to win.

For those keen to get their winner’s glory quickly, there are some specific letter combinations that could be the key to success.

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Users in a Reddit forum have shared their “helpful tips”.

One user explained that the best way to begin is by using a word that is a combination of “the most common letters in the English language”.

The user revealed that these are e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r.

A second user, posting under the name Hitstun, suggested using “the top 15 letters”, for maximum potential.

They said: “I tried my hand at throwing the top 15 letters e, a, r, o, t, I, s, n, c, u, y, d, h, p into a series of three words.”

After a “deep analysis”, they concluded the combinations “good at getting green letters” were “slice”, “party” and “hound”.

However, there is a difference of opinion when it comes to which letters and combinations are best.

A user posting as MontagueDruitt said that based on “the statistics of the most used letters in the English language the word ‘antra’ has the most letters in the top of this list.”

User Elemenopi said: “I like going the r, s, t, l, n, e route where I choose ‘learn’ and then some other word that has s and t and any yellow letters I got from ‘learn’.”

Another user suggested beginning with the word “arise”.

Posting under the name Hesnotthere, they explained: “Three vowels and a, s, e are placed in locations where they are commonly found. ‘Raise’ works similarly.”

For many Wordle players, the key lies in packing in as many vowels as possible.

This is because, outside of abbreviations, there are just a handful of English words that do not use vowels.

Using this logic, words like “adieu”, “audio” or “canoe” are good starting points as they contain multiple vowels.

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