World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – The Azure Vault Complete Dungeon Walkthrough

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While learning all of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's new dungeons can be an enjoyable experience, it can also be a stressful one. Players adapt quickly to Mythic Plus routes and strategies, and you are expected to know exactly what to do in a short space of time. Located in Southern Azure Span, The Azure Vault is a tricky dungeon that can be a daunting challenge for aspiring Mythic Plus runners.

This guide will help you get to grips with one of the new Dragonflight dungeons, by teaching you about the various bosses and trash of the Azure Vault, including their mechanics and strategies, the best Mythic Plus routes, key sections, and skips, as well as what loot can be obtained from completing the dungeon.

Leymor Trash

The key aspect of the initial trash packs in the Azure Vault is the Shrieking Whelps. Many of them are patrolling the early corridors, and are surrounded by a small circle. If any player moves into this circle, they will cast Shriek, activating nearby dormant enemies. This can cause a wipe if the group is not prepared, and the typical route will see you skip every whelp you can, so make sure you don't accidentally pull them.

After the initial packs of Conjured Lashers, you should drop off the left ledge into Leymor's room.





Conjured Lasher x10

Mystic Vapors

Cast that deals Arcane damage to all players and applies a stacking Arcane DoT for six seconds.

Make sure to interrupt this, as multiple applications can easily prove deadly. Grouping up the Lashers around the first corner before applying AoE crowd control is also a good tactic.

Arcane Tender x4

Erratic Growth

Long channel that stuns the player for six seconds should it complete, which also affects nearby players.

As the Tenders cannot be crowd controlled, this cast needs to be interrupted, as letting someone be stunned in a pool of Infused Ground is a bad idea. The stun can also be dispelled.

Infused Ground

Drops blue swirlies at random locations, which spread into highly damaging purple pools.

Your top priority is to dodge these pools, as they deal a significant amount of damage.

Volatile Sapling x12

Sappy Burst

Explodes upon death, dealing large damage and slowing players caught inside.

Fairly easy to dodge, these slimes have low health, so you can feel free to pull numerous, cleaving them down alongside the Arcane Tenders.


The first boss in the Azure Vaults is Leymor. It's a relatively simple fight, but performing the mechanics correctly is imperative, and your Healer should prioritise topping people quickly, as each of his moves deals a high amount of damage.




Ley-Line Sprouts

Spawns several Arcane trees around the arena, which come with a small pool of damaging ground around them. When destroyed, the Sprout will spawn a Volatile Sapling.

The key mechanic, destroying as many of these as possible will help you in reducing the damage you take from Consuming Stomp. The Volatile Saplings can just be cleaved down with the boss.

Erupting Fissure

Frontal Arcane slam that deals high damage, knocks back, and also destroys any Ley-Line Sprouts hit by the effect.

The tank should be aiming to destroy at least two groups of Sprouts using this, so make sure not to be in the boss's way while he is being positioned.

Infused Strike

Arcane damage Tank buster, that leaves an Arcane DoT.

Use tank mitigation to survive this.

Explosive Brand

Slams the ground, damaging and knocking back all players and afflicting them with an Arcane bomb, that explodes after six seconds, dealing AoE damage and destroying any nearby Ley-Line Sprouts.

Make sure to be spread out around the room, so that you can destroy all the Ley-Line Sprouts.

Consuming Stomp

Stomps the ground, dealing large damage to all players, which is increased by the number of currently active Ley-Line Sprouts.

Even if you have cleared all the Sprouts, this will still deal a large burst of damage, so make sure you are at high/full health beforehand.

Azureblade Trash

After defeating Leymor, you will have a long and difficult trash section. Most packs are unskippable, as you will need to kill them in order to activate the magical Books of Translocation, which will transport you down through the various rings of the dungeon.

Most of this trash either has deadly mechanics or key interrupts to watch out for, so try to apply as much crowd control as you can to these enemies.





Arcane Elemental x10

Waking Bane

Random cast that puts a single player to sleep

Interrupt this or instantly dispel the afflicted player if it goes off

Arcane Bolt

Random cast that deals light Arcane damage.

You can interrupt this but is it one of the lower-priority spells, so don't waste a long cooldown kick.

Unstable Curator x3

Heavy Tome

Random cast that deals Arcane damage to a single player.

Not a priority interrupt, but the only kickable cast this enemy has, as it cannot be crowd controlled.

Forbidden Knowledge

Channels over time, dropping blue swirlies at random locations. These deal huge damage.

Make sure to avoid these at all costs.

Rune Seal Keeper x5

Icy Bindings

AoE cast that roots all players for five seconds and deals light Frost damage.

The root can be dispelled but is better to interrupt or crowd control this enemy, in order to prevent the initial cast going off.

Condensed Frost

Single target cast that deals Frost damage to a random player.

Not as important to interrupt as Icy Bindings.

Crystal Thrasher x1

Splintering Shards

Afflicts players with a debuff that pulses light ticking damage around them to nearby players.

Spread loosely to avoid clipping each other with the debuff.

Crystalline Rupture

Long AoE cast that deals massive damage and roots all players caught inside its effect.

Make sure to run out or immune this ability. This enemy cannot be hard-crowd-controlled.

Crystal Fury x4

Piercing Shards

Nasty frontal wave that deals heavy Nature damage

Use proper mitigation to survive this, and never turn these enemies towards the group.

Arcane Fury

Self-cast that increases damage done by 35%.

This enemy can be hard crowd-controlled, so try to prevent this cast from going off, or else your Tank will start taking massive damage from the frontals.

Arcane Construct x5

Arcane Bash

Frontal that inflicts moderate Arcane damage and knocks back any player caught.

Try not to position yourself close to an edge while tanking these, as falling off will instantly kill you.

Conjured Barrier

A small self-cast that applies a shield.

A non-consequence, either damage through it or purge.

Astral Attendant x6

Unstable Power

Drops a scattering of high-damage arcane explosions around players.

Dodge these, although they blend in rather well with the floor and can be difficult to spot.

Vault Guard x4

Ice Cutter

Nasty tank buster that happens semi-regularly.

These mobs really hurt the tank, so making proper use of your defensives – or kiting can be a good option.

Brilliant Scales

Applies a 30% damage taken reduction to itself.

Purge this buff.

Scalebane Lieutenant x1

Spellfrost Breath

Strong frontal Arcane beam.

Another place for defensives, make sure to not aim the beam toward the group when tanking.

Brilliant Scales

Applies a 30% damage taken reduction to itself.

Try to purge this buff, as this mini-boss has high health and can take a while to kill.

Ice Cutter

Nasty tank buster that happens semi-regularly.

Even worse than the regular version.

Mage Hunter's Fervor

Aura that increases damage dealt by all enemies by 25%.

This mob can be difficult if not pulled alone, as he will empower other enemies. If you are pulling him alongside other enemies, try to keep them crowd-controlled or use big cooldowns to burst them all down.


The Azureblade fight may not have many mechanics, but each of them is extremely impactful, and she is considered one of the harder bosses in Dragonflight. Reducing the number of Overwhelming Energy phases is imperative, so using a cooldown such as Bloodlust/Heroism is a great strategy on this boss.




Ancient Orb

Charges up a large Arcane Orb that fires out rapidly once cast, dealing massive damage.

Easy enough to dodge.

Summon Draconic Image

Summons a ranged add with low health at a random location. The image will chain cast Illusionary Bolt at a random player.

Make sure to nuke down this add and interrupt every Illusionary Bolt cast.

Overwhelming Energy

The core phase of the fight. Azureblade will become immune in the center of the room. She will spawn four Draconic Illusions around her and pulse AoE Arcane damage into all players. She will also constantly fire waves of Ancient Orb Fragments out from herself. This phase will only end when all four Illusions have been killed.

Kill off the Draconic Illusions one by one, moving as a group to let your healer AoE heal you. Once an add dies it will drop multiple arcane pools, so you will be doing a lot of dodging during this phase, play safe and focus on staying alive.

Arcane Cleave

Ten-yard frontal Arcane cleave.

Make sure to properly turn the boss, and only move it around once the cast has finished, in order to not catch any players moving to the Draconic Image.

Telash Greywing Trash

If you beat Azureblade, there is a relatively simple final trash section between you and the next two bosses. Depending on how you pathed earlier, you can afford to skip some of the Hornswogs as there is more than enough percentage available.





Drakonid Breaker x5

Bestial Roar

Inflicts AoE Physical damage to players within 30 yards.

Ranged players can attempt to outrange this cast by playing at maximum cast range.

Shoulder Slam

Targets a random player, before charging at them, dealing moderate Physical damage and knocking them back.

The damage usually won't kill you, but make sure the knockback doesn't take you into any AoE or cause you to be knocked off a platform.

Nullmagic Hornswog x8

Null Stomp

Jumps to a target player's location after a long delay, dealing Arcane damage and dispelling positive effects.

Simple enough to dodge, the Frogs can also be crowd controlled in order to keep them more clumped up.

Tarasek Delver x13

Tear Flesh

Simple attack that also applies a small Bleed.

These enemies have relatively little health and are usually no problem to cleave down.

Telash Greywing

The penultimate boss of the Azure Vault is Telash Greywing. A very simple fight, everything he does inflicts high damage, so play safely, and you should be able to bring him down with relatively little fuss.




Frost Bomb

Afflicts all players with a bomb, that explodes after five seconds, leaving behind a patch of rapidly expanding Frozen Ground.

Try to stay relatively stacked for these, but ensure that you don't overlap or prevent giving yourself an escape route. Getting out of the Frozen Ground patches is your top priority, as taking more than one tick of the damage can prove fatal.

Icy Devastator

Channels a breath onto one player, dealing Frost damage to them and any players in a small area around them.

Either cancel the cast using spells such as Feign Death, or move out from around the player to avoid the extra damage.

Absolute Zero

Telash flies to the centre of the room, taking 99% less damage. He will then charge up a long cast that explodes for massive damage, reduced by 50% if players are standing in an active Vault Rune.

Your group should aim to move slowly around the room, dropping Frost Bombs between each Vault Rune, but leaving them uncovered so that you can stand inside during the Absolute Zero cast.


There is no trash between Telash Greywing and the final boss, so your cooldowns may not be up for the Umbrelskul pull. He is a fight that gets progressively tougher the longer it goes on, but with good tank positioning and making use of your movement utility, you can make it much easier for the group.




Oppressive Miasma

The core mechanic of the fight, anytime you move you will accrue stacks of this Curse. Each stack reduces your movement speed by seven percent, stacking up to ten times.

While you can actually micro-move and not gain stacks, you should try to limit your movement as much as possible, saving it for repositioning around Crackling Vortex orbs, or to dodge Crystalline Roar. Dispelling the Curse will also work, alongside moves such as Blessing of Freedom.


Every 25% of his health, Umbrelskul will cause multiple Detonating Crystals to scatter around his body. These will explode after finishing their Fracture cast.

It is pivotal to nuke down these crystals as quickly as possible, as letting one explode can easily cause a wipe. Stay loosely spread to be able to damage all the crystals.

Dragon Strike

Arcane damage Tank buster that leaves an Arcane DoT.

Make sure to have mitigation up, as this move hurts and happens semi-frequently

Crystalline Roar

Frontal Arcane breath.

Imperative to dodge or immune this, the cast time is pretty long, so you should have time.

Arcane Eruption

Drops several blasts at random locations, dealing large damage and spawning a Crackling Vortex orb, which will chase a player.

The orbs are typically the most problematic mechanic in this fight, and it is unclear exactly how they function. Avoid standing in them at all costs.

Unleashed Destruction

AoE blast that also knocks back all players.

This move is typically fine to heal up, but being hit backward into a Crackling Vortex could be a big issue, so try to position around them.

Your Tank should be aiming to tank Umbrelskul at the edge of the room, and drag him around the edge in order to group up the Crackling Vortex orbs. This will give your group much more room, and also let the Detonating Crystals spawn in closer proximity to the boss.

Azure Vault Loot





Ley-Line Tracer

Strength Polearm

Mastery, Haste

Spaulders of Wild Growth

Mail Shoulder

Crit, Mastery

Infused Elemental Bands

Cloth Wrists

Crit, Versatility

Leather Waist

Cinch of Forgotten Duty

Crit, Haste

Unstable Arcane Loop


Crit, Haste

Burgeoning Seed

Agility/Strength Trinket

Active that consumes damage-taken stacks to grant Versatility and max health (30-second cooldown)





Horizon Splitter

One-Handed Agility Axe

Versatility, Haste

Tz'onna, Fear-Striker

One-Handed Intellect Sword

Versatility, Haste

Cloak of Lost Devotion


Crit, Haste

Twenty-Two-League Striders

Plate Feet

Crit, Versatility

Tome of Unstable Power

Intellect Trinket

Active that provides Crit for you and your nearby party members (3-minute cooldown)

Telash Greywing




Golden-Winged Rod

Agility Staff

Mastery, Versatility

Custodian's Medallion of Delusion


Mastery, Versatility

Azureblade's Work Gloves

Cloth Hands

Mastery, Haste

Mirage Bindings

Leather Wrists

Mastery, Haste

Illusion Breaker's Waistguard

Plate Waist

Mastery, Crit





Refraction's Edge

One-Handed Agility Sword

Crit, Versatility

Crystalized Bulwark


Versatility, Haste

Headwrap of the Abandoned

Cloth Head

Crit, Versatility

Mantle of Yearned Freedom

Leather Shoulders

Crit, Mastery

Cuirass of Irreparable Madness

Plate Chest

Mastery, Haste

Stasis-Freed Leggings

Mail Legs

Crit, Haste

Umbrelskul's Fractured Heart

Intellect Trinket

Arcane damage proc that explodes in AoE if the target dies

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