Xbox Says Its Summer Conference Doesn’t Have A Set Runtime Yet, But That Others Are "Typically" 90 Minutes Long

Xbox Games Marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg has responded to claims that the Xbox and Bethesda showcase will be 90 minutes long, saying that other conferences have "typically" had the same runtime.

Earlier in the week, eagle-eyed Xbox fans noticed that the Outlook calendar notification for the Xbox and Bethesda conference was hinting that the event was going to be an hour-and-a-half-long, as it created a meeting that lasted that amount of time. Previous conferences have lasted a similar amount of time, so many took it as confirmation that the event was indeed 90 minutes long.

Xbox Games Marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg has since dismissed the claims that the runtime is confirmed, responding to a Twitter account that posted the rumour. Greenberg did hint that the runtime is likely to be close to that though, referencing previous conferences where that was the case.

Greenberg said, "We don’t have a final show run time yet. But yes typically we end up close to that 90 mins mark. Will keep folks posted as we get closer". For comparison's sake, Microsoft and Bethesda's conference last year ended up running at around one hour and 25 minutes overall, while its conference the year before was just an hour, so a runtime of 90 minutes seems to be the sweet spot for Xbox.

As you can probably expect, some Xbox fans are claiming that 90 minutes isn't enough time to show off all of the big games that Xbox has in development currently, especially with some insiders claiming that almost all of Microsoft's first-party studios have submitted something for the show.

Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about what we can expect to see at the conference, but it's expected that Starfield will be a big focal point of the show considering its planned November release date. We can also expect to see Forza Motorsport, updates for Halo Infinite, and possibly more from studios like MachineGames, who we know is currently working on an Indiana Jones game.

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