Xbox Series S price cut: Fun-sized console becomes even better value for money

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The Xbox Series S is the cheapest next-gen console on the market, priced at £249.99 – £200 cheaper than the Xbox Series X and disc-based PS5. And unlike other next-gen consoles it’s widely available in stock, making it a great option if you want to see what the latest and greatest games are all about right now. And at the moment Amazon UK has cut the price of the Xbox Series S, reducing it from £249.99 to just over £242.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is already the best value next-gen console, and Amazon UK has somehow just made it even better value for money. The fun-sized system usually costs £249.99, but right now Amazon has slashed the price to £242.15. With that saving you will have enough money to buy a cut-price game from the Microsoft Store or put it towards Game Pass membership

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