Xbox Series S Will Have Just 364GB Of Storage Available For Games

According to one lucky owner of a Series S who received one early, Xbox’s digital-only console has just 364GB free for games and apps.

As the length and quality of games improves, the amount of storage they require on a console becomes a bigger issue. There has been a focus on the storage capabilities of PlayStation and Xbox’s next-gen consoles like never before. The Series X has a 1TB SSD, but it has already been revealed that around a fifth of that will be utilized by the console’s operating systems.

As for the Series S, which has an SSD half the size of the Series X, there has not been any official word on how much free space there will be for games and apps. However, a Redditor who appears to have received their Series S a week early has divulged that information. The console has just 364GB available for games and applications.

The reveal from Activision that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will require 250GB of storage on PC when running at its highest spec. That might have future Series S owners worried. If the console version takes up the same amount of storage, which seems likely, that will leave Series S owners who want to make the most out of the game with very little wiggle room.

The good news is even though Black Ops Cold War and other next-gen games will take up a lot of room, they will be scaled back for the Series S. Xbox has already confirmed that games will require up to 30% less storage space on the digital-only console. That’s due to it not having the capability to run games at 4K like the Series X. Some games will also offer players the option to uninstall certain features. For example, CoD players only interested in multiplayer will be able to uninstall the game’s campaign.

As release day nears, this revelation may convince some gamers on Team Xbox to pick up a Series X instead of a Series S for all of that additional storage. Especially since storage expansion cards for the next-gen consoles will cost $220 each. If you think you’re going to need more than 364GB of storage, it’s probably worth paying the extra at launch for a Series X.

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