Xbox Series X/S Will Soon Allow Up To Two Games To Be Kept In Quick Resume State

One of the first examples of the improvements made with the current generation of consoles was Xbox's Quick Resume. This allows you to shut down a game after playing, only to pick up right where you left off when you come back to it, with no loading times. It also means you can switch between apps during a play session without having to reload the game again, making a quick Netflix break all the easier.

The feature seems to have gone down well with players, because an upcoming update to the Xbox Series X/S is looking to expand it. Microsoft has revealed that it is now testing a feature that will enable two games to be permanently kept in a Quick Resume state. This means players will be able to dodge load times on their two favourite titles, making jumping back into the action a lot smoother.

This news comes from a blog post on the Xbox Series X/S's most recent update, but has since been removed. Xbox Insider has explained that it is indeed a planned feature, but it's one that's coming in a future update, not the one outlined in the post.

Before the description was removed, it explained the feature as follows:

"Users on Xbox Series X|S consoles can now keep up to two games in Quick Resume no matter what other games are launched. These games will only drop out of Quick Resume if the user manually removes it or if a game is updated."

While we'll have to wait a little longer for the feature to be rolled out, it does give us some indication of what we can expect Xbox gaming to look like in the future. Microsoft's priority definitely seems to be reducing the amount of waiting fans have to do before they can start gaming, with features such as starting game downloads from your phone, and bypassing downloads altogether via streaming meaning less time waiting for a progress bar to reach 100 percent. It seems likely that we can expect more quality of life features such as this to be expanded upon.

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