Xbox Twitch Stream Leaks She-Hulk In Marvel’s Avengers

The next character coming to Marvel's Avengers may well have just been leaked. While a lead designer was busy showcasing The Mighty Thor – who arrived in the game last month – the guest host during the stream appears to have accidentally confirmed She-Hulk will be the next hero. Something that has been rumored for a while, but was never confirmed.

The awkward moment came during an official Xbox stream on Twitch. Guest host Techniq started to discuss his acting background and moved onto their acting coach being the voice of She-Hulk in Marvel's Avengers. Be warned before you watch the clip below, it gets really awkward incredibly fast, and it will cause you to suffer severe second-hand embarrassment.

Techniq is playing Avengers live on Twitch alongside Crystal Dynamics' Brian Waggoner, the lead designer on the game. As the host dances around whether he should say what he is going to say, Waggoner stays very quiet. Once Techniq finally decides to go through with what he has to say, revealing his acting coach is the voice of She-Hulk, you can see Waggoner's eyes widen. Suffice to say, he's not happy.

The clip above ends with Techniq claiming She-Hulk had already been revealed, to which Waggoner replies, “nope, nope, we've never announced She-Hulk.” There's a follow-up clip in the replies during which Techniq attempts to backtrack, but it's too late. In defense of the stream's host, he is probably confusing Krizia Bajos seemingly confirming she would be voicing She-Hulk in Marvel's Avengers at the tail end of 2021. Bajos tweeted, and then deleted, in reply to a content creator revealing the news, effectively confirming it to be accurate.

Further evidence that She-Hulk will be one of the next playable heroes coming to Marvel's Avengers solidifies that Crystal Dynamics is finally aligning its character additions with the MCU. Spider-Man arrived shortly before No Way Home hit cinemas, Jane Foster has been added right before Thor: Love and Thunder, and She-Hulk will presumably be added to the game when her Disney+ series drops later this year.

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