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Patience is a virtue, and that makes Andy Cohen one of the most virtuous dads on the planet right now. That’s because the Watch What Happens Live host is in the middle of a tense negotiation with his 4-year-old son Ben — over screen time. He recorded a video of the all-too-relatable parenting moment, and the way he keeps his cool is an inspiration.

“Early morning negotiation…” Cohen captioned the video posted to Instagram today. “(Spoiler alert: I held firm!).”

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The video is recorded in selfie mode focused solely on Cohen. You can hear Ben screaming and crying in the background in full-on tantrum mode.

“You watched one already, do you understand?” Cohen says in the video, talking to Ben. The only response is an inaudible gibberish of whining.

Cohen tries again to get his preschooler to see reason: “I told you that you could watch one, dude” he says, taking off his glasses in an attempt to lesson a stress headache (I’m assuming, as I’m getting a sympathy stress headache just watching!).

“I told you you could watch one and how many did you watch?” he asks. “Two! So that was so nice of me.” I’m crying laughing. We’ve all been there. Setting a firm boundary, then letting it slip just a little thinking it’ll win you parent of the year, only for the whole situation to then backfire and slip out of control. Poor Cohen!

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“You want three more?” Cohen continues later in the video. “I kinda feel like I’m negotiating with a terrorist now. Because I feel like you keep changing the game.” What are toddlers if not tiny terrorists, though?

The wailing just gets louder as Ben realizes he’s not going to get his way. It’s tough to hold your ground, so props to Cohen for following through!

Linday Lohan commented on the video, “awwww 😍😍😍😍.”

“Many years of housewives reunions have prepared you for this moment 😂,” another quipped.

Many parents could relate. “My life. Today it was because I couldn’t reach the breakfast bar she threw at me in the car to give it back to her,” one person said.

“’I do not negotiate with terrorists…’ I whisper as I select ‘play next’ on the screen…😩🥴,” another admitted. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

“Us housewives have NOTHING on the wrath of a toddler. Hang in there!” Danielle Cabral commented. So true.

Whether you have strict screen time rules for your kids or none at all, all parents can relate to this. Epic meltdowns happen often with little kids, when it’s time to turn off the TV and move on to the next activity, or you ask them to brush their teeth or put on pajamas or do anything else they don’t want to do. The important thing is to stay firm in your limits and stay calm. We’re all doing the best we can!

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