You Can Finally Categorize Mods In Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx received a quick update this week that is sure to make many fans happy. The patch adds a basic feature to the virtual reality FPS game that many felt was missing: the ability to finally tag and categorize mods within the game. That’s right, you can now quickly sort through your extensive mod list to ensure you find “Goldeneye Alyx 007” instead of “Gordon’s Crowbar.”

Over on Twitter, user @DominicTarason shared the news of the ability. They also shared how this is a big deal because before the patch, a full game-length campaign was included in the same unsorted list as “Ahegao Pistol Skin." Plus, if you or someone you know has ever published a mod for Half-Life: Alyx, you can now go back and tag it. This way, people can easily find a specific mod without sorting through a giant unorganized list.

This new feature comes courtesy of the 1.5.3 update released for the game. According to the game’s Steam page, this patch updated the Workshop Tag list based on community suggestions. It also changed the method used to transition from “a1_intro_world” to “a1_intro_world_2." This helps to fix the addons being broken across that transition, obviously.

Of course, many feel that this sorting feature is long overdue. This is likely because Half-Life boasts one of the most dedicated modding communities of any game. Several new mods have made their way to the series this year alone. These include the addition of ray tracing, updating maps and enemies, a BioShock mod, and even one that replaces the titular Alyx with Krystal from Star Fox for some reason. Not to mention the fact that Sony once commissioned an entire mod for the game just to promote the very first Underworld movie.

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