You Should All Go Sign Mathias Hagen Gunderson On Football Manager Right Now

When it comes to football sims, there aren't many out there as in-depth as Football Manager. Given away by the title, it allows you to manage your own football team to glory, whether that be in top-tier competitions or in the lower leagues in countries less associated with football like Norway. Because of this, Football Manager includes plenty of less well-known footballers, although a player for a club called Hamarkameratene 2 (HamKam 2) wants to get his name out there a little more.

Popular Twitter account Out of Context Football Manager recently shared a DM from HamKam 2's third-choice goalkeeper Mathias Hagen Gunderson, asking them to possibly include them in their attempt to win the league in every available country in Football Manager. He also does it in such a wholesome way that you can't help but want to boot the game up and sign the man immediately, whether you need an extra goalkeeper or not.

"…Seeing as you're trying to win the league in every country, I was hoping for you to sign me as a 3rd choice goalie somewhere," explains Gunderson. "I play for HamKam 2 and is the most bang average player you ever gonna see, probably less than that too, but it would make my year seeing someone else than me sign myself."

There's not an ounce of arrogance in that request, something which a lot of today's more high-profile footballers could do with a lesson in. Hopefully, Gunderson's mild-mannered and humble personality transfers to the dressing room if you do sign him, but you'd have to have a heart of stone not to sign him up as at least a backup keeper. Whatever the case, judging from the replies to the tweet and how many people he's managed to win over, Gunderson is going to see a lot more game time in Football Manager in the near future.

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