Zombie Army 4: Death Canal Walkthrough And Collectibles

Death Canal is the second campaign in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The four chapters will take you through the Venice Canals to meet with Captain Dutton, who is leading the resistance movement in the city.

Death Canal Chapter 1: Carnivorous Canal Cruise Walkthrough

When you start the first Death Canal chapter, take a look around the safe room. There is a workbench here that you can use to upgrade your weapons, as well as some ammo and explosive crates. When you’re ready, go over to Victor and board the boat.

Carnivorous Canal Cruise Boat Ride

The boat will leave the dock and start traveling down the canal. You’re safe for the first stretch of this journey, as the zombies aren’t fast enough to climb onto the boat from land as you drive past. However, the boat will stall as you approach the bridge, conveniently allowing the zombies to drop down onto your ship.

  • Defend Victor on the ship until he starts the boat back up again.

Once it starts, you will travel a little further along the canal before stopping again. This time, you will need to get off the boat to open up the way forward.

There are no collectibles in this area, so simply get off the boat and fight your way over to the control panel, where you can raise the barrier for the boat to continue down the river. Get back on board and continue along until a cutscene triggers, revealing a sniper zombie.

Carnivorous Canal Cruise Document

After a short defense section whilst fighting the sniper, the boat will run out of fuel. You’ll need to grab three fuel cans and bring them back to the boat to continue.

Get off the right side of the boat and head through the door up ahead. Turn left and go up some stairs. At the top, there is a document lying on a table.

Once you have the document, follow the objective marker to find all the fuel cans. When you place the final fuel can on the boat, the exits will raise back up and Victor will start driving again.

Carnivorous Canal Cruise Zombie Hand

The boat will stop shortly after, as Victor will ask you to open up the bridge. Leave the boat (the exit on the left will open up) and go into the building directly in front of you.

Take the flight of stairs to the left and look at the wall when you reach the top. You will see the silhouette of a doll, as well as a zombie hand holding a knife. Turn around to find the hand on a table.

Carnivorous Canal Cruise Upgrade Kit

Continue towards the objective, making sure to resupply as you pass through a checkpoint. Keep going until you reach the bridge that is blocking the boat.

  • You can cross it, which will trigger a new objective, but stay on this side for now.

To the left of the bridge, there is a short flight of stairs leading into a dark building. In here, you will find an upgrade kit hidden in the corner.

Carnivorous Canal Cruise Comic

Cross the bridge and look left. You’ll see a building with some destroyed walls on the first floor. There’s a small wooden walkway along the canal that allows you to get inside this building. Go inside and up the slope. When you reach the top, look to the left to find a comic on a chair.

Collect the cogs and fit them in the bridge control mechanism. Then, you’ll have to defend the area from a horde of zombies, as well as an armored Gunner zombie. Use the turret and explosives to take them all down.

Eventually, the boat will ride around to pick you up, taking you to the base where you can complete Chapter 1: Carnivorous Canal Cruise.

Chapter 2: Ghosts And Gondolas Walkthrough

When the chapter begins, grab a medkit and refill your ammo and explosives. Then, leave the safe room to begin looking for Captain Dutton.

Ghosts And Gondolas Upgrade Kit

When you leave the safe room, the objective will point straight ahead. Instead, turn left and look for an alleyway. Go down here until you see an overgrown fountain. When you find it, turn left again and wade through the water, passing through the gap in the fence. You will find an upgrade kit around the corner on a bench.

Make your way back to the beginning and follow the objective across the bridge. When you reach the other side, a flamer zombie will burst through a wall up ahead.

Ghosts And Gondolas Document

When you have defeated the flamer and its accompanying zombies, take the stairs to the left of the now-destroyed wall. Head through the door at the top and then continue through the following door to the right. There is a document on top of a crate in the corner of the room.

Ghosts And Gondolas Zombie Hand

After getting the document, keep following the objective until a blood seal appears. The zombies here aren’t too hard, so you’ll get through them all quickly.

Head into the Church to initiate the Commander’s ambush. At the back of the room, turn right to find a room with some beds. There is a zombie hand running around under the beds.

  • When the assault finishes, a blood seal will break in the top left corner of the Church.

Ghosts And Gondolas Comic

You’ll enter a large camp area where Dutton and his troops have been defending. There is a statue in this area, directly opposite where you exited the Church. When you find the statue, take the stairs to its left and climb up onto the destroyed bridge.

When you reach the top, there are some open windows. Go through one and continue through the doorway. There’ll be a comic on top of a footlocker at the end of a bed.

Ghosts And Gondolas Survive The Horde

Before finishing the mission, you must survive the horde attack. There are four stages to this assault.

Start by holding off until some rifts appear. It’s best to stand up on the platform with Captain Dutton, as it gives you a high vantage area to use your rifle.

When the rifts appear, fight your way to them using your secondary weapon. This area is quite large, so use takedowns to recover your health along the way.

Eventually, hell planes will fly overhead and drop suicider zombies. This signals the end of the assault, as shortly after you will be directed to a safe room.

Ghosts And Gondolas Heroic Action

Make your way towards the safe room until you come to a bridge. Before crossing it, turn left and go down an alleyway. You will find a man being attacked by zombies. Kill the zombies to complete the heroic action.

Cross the bridge and go to the safe room to complete Chapter 2: Ghosts and Gondolas.

Chapter 3: The Shadows Of Venice Walkthrough

Resupply in the safe room and leave when you are ready.

The Shadows Of Venice Upgrade Kit

Turn right when you leave the safe room and cross the bridge. Follow this path around to the left until you see some zombies trying to break down a gate. Turn left again to see an open doorway. Go inside to see an upgrade kit on a stool directly in front of you.

The Shadows Of Venice Document

Follow the objective marker to find a blood fountain that you can investigate. First, look to the left of the fountain to find an open doorway into a yellow building. Head inside and pick up the document on top of a crate inside.

  • Interact with the blood fountain to start a ritual.

Kill zombies inside the marked area to absorb their blood into the fountain until it is full. Continue towards the Hell Tower to trigger a cutscene that reveals a Shadow Demon.

Killing the Shadow Demon is rather simple, but its attacks will kill you very quickly. The best way to defeat the demon is by rushing it as soon as the cutscene ends. A few quick shots should kill it before it has a chance to unleash any attacks on you.

The Shadows Of Venice Comic

After killing the Demon, follow the objective until you reach a regular fountain. Another cutscene will trigger, revealing poison zombies.

When the cutscene ends, follow the path around past the fountain. Look for a doorway on your right and head inside. You will find a comic on a chair.

The Shadows Of Venice Zombie Hand

After clearing the poison zombies, continue towards the safe room. It’s at the top of some stairs in a rowboat storage room. Before heading up the stairs, have a look around the ground floor of this room.

There is a shaking bucket on the floor that you can shoot to reveal a zombie hand. Destroy the hand and go to the safe room to complete Chapter 3: The Shadows Of Venice.

Chapter 4: Gates Of Hell Walkthrough

Take some time to resupply and upgrade any weapons that you are using. Then, leave the safe room and power the generator with a fuse.

Gates Of Hell Upgrade Kit

Defend the generator from any zombies and then send the electrical charge through the water. A door will then open on both sides, allowing you to advance. Head through the left door and down the stairs.

At the bottom, there will be a blocked doorway. Make your way around the wall to get inside the room and find an upgrade kit on a barrel.

Gates Of Hell Zombie Hand

After finding the upgrade kit, go outside and walk onto the bridge. Look at the bloodstained slope and you’ll see a zombie hand on a boat in the water nearby.

Gates Of Hell Document

At the top of the bloodstained slope near where you saw the zombie hand, there is a document on a bench. Walk around from the bridge and pick it up.

Gates Of Hell Comic

At this point, your objective will be to power two more generators. These will be marked in the world with A and B painted on walls near the generators.

Opposite generator B, there is a derelict boathouse. Go inside and look in the right corner to find a comic on a table.

Finish powering up the generators and release the electrical charge to destroy the Hell Tower and complete the Death Canal campaign.

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