Zombie Army 4: Hell Machine Walkthrough And Collectibles

Hell Machine is the final campaign in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. It follows the hero after their escape from Hell, now back in Rome. Bruno informs you that the dead have overrun the city, so you need to make one last stand against Hitler’s army.

Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Hell Machine campaign and find all of the collectibles.

Chapter 1: Obliterate Hitler’s Army Walkthrough

You will pop out of the portal into a Resistance base, where your allies are making their final stand. Edie will offer you a Divine MG to use against the army.

Obliterate Hitler’s Army Document

When you spawn in, turn around and head into the shack. Turn right and open the door to enter the building. Once inside, turn left to find a document on a table.

Obliterate Hitler’s Army Heroic Action

Grab the Divine MG and any other supplies that you might need. Proceed out of the safe area and turn left. On a ledge in the distance, you’ll see a Resistance fighter struggling with some zombies. Kill them all to save him, completing the Heroic Action.

Obliterate Hitler’s Army Zombie Hand

Clear this area of zombies and go up the slope to trigger a cutscene. Hitler will appear on a giant zombie tank, firing zombie nukes at the resistance base. Use the Divine MG to rip through the tank’s turrets.

  • Don’t worry if you’ve already used the MG, as more will drop down during the fight.

The tank’s spotlights will prevent supply drops, so destroy them to ensure that you get more heavy weaponry. When the turrets are destroyed, the hero will make their way inside to destroy the hearts.

Destroy the first heart and then climb the first set of stairs. At the top, you will see a zombie hand walking across a pipe up ahead.

Obliterate Hitler’s Army Comic

After destroying the hearts, you will be thrown into the sewers. Drop down into the blood and wade through to the other end to find a comic on top of a crate.

Obliterate Hitler’s Army Upgrade Kit

After taking the comic, turn around and look back into the sewer. Your objective is to climb out of the blood and escape, but don’t do this yet.

Instead, turn right from where you found the comic and go down this passageway. At the end, turn right and climb the ladders. You will find an upgrade kit at the top.

Obliterate Hitler’s Army Final Battle

Exit the sewers to face off against Hitler’s tank again. This time, it has nine turrets and a powerful Uberwaffe weapon. This rains missiles down on you, so avoid the Uberwaffe when it fires.

Use your rifle and the Divine MGs to destroy the tank. A short cutscene will play, after which you must hold off against a whole horde of zombie Hitlers. A Divine MG will drop next to you, so use that to mow through the horde.

Once all the zombies are defeated, walk over to Hitler and deal the final blow, completing the Hell Machine campaign.

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