Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.3.1 Fixes Zen Bridge And Wetsuit Bugs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still going strong several months after release, but a recent major update, which added wet suits, swimming, and new NPCs, also broke one part of the game. Players have reported that zen bridges built on the highest level of their islands could no longer be crossed after the update, which is quite the bother.

Thankfully, update 1.3.1 has patched this issue, so you’ll no longer be trapped on one side of the bridge. Some other issues have been addressed, too, including an issue that prevented wet suits from appearing in Nook’s Cranny for sale.

Here are the four changes introduced in this patch:

  • Addressed issue where players could not properly use a zen bridge or red zen bridge placed on top of a cliff (third tier).
  • Addressed issue where a wet suit would not be available for sale within Nook’s Cranny.
  • Addressed issue where hermit crabs would appear in places other than the beach.
  • Addressed issue where a dialogue bubble would improperly appear after speaking with island residents.

This update has arrived just in time for the July 11 Fishing Tourney, so you’ll be able to get to the river and start fishing like normal. You can also easily grab a wet suit now and start diving.

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