Murder Mystery Game Paradise Killer Announces September Release, Switch Version, Launch Discount

Paradise Killer, the ultra-quirky open-world murder mystery game from developer Kaizen Game Works, is coming very soon–and will have a previously unannounced Switch version. The game will launch for PC and Switch on September 4, and it looks like our kind of weird.

You play as Love Lady Dies, an investigator searching for a murderer on an island that regenerates constantly every few millennia, trying to become a perfect “paradise”. There are alien gods and court trials involved. It’s a lot.

The game will release with a 20% launch discount. On Switch, this discount runs from now until September 11, and on PC, it’ll be active from launch on September 4 through to September 18. This will bring the game down from $20 to $16.

A new trailer has been released, showcasing the game’s voice cast, huge setting, and mystery elements. Check it out below.

To celebrate the launch of Paradise Killer Nintendo Switch pre-orders will have a 20% discount from now until September 11. On Steam, the game will have a 20% launch week discount from launch on September 4 until September 18.

GameSpot previewed Paradise Killer during LudoNarraCon 2020, digging into the gameplay and describing it by saying “it’s singular and weird and has more style in an item description screen than some games have in their entire runtime.”

Look out for a Paradise Killer review on GameSpot closer to release.

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